r5661 feedback
  • can someone else (besides me) please test using Auctioneer and TSM at the same time?

    Auctioneer is still not intercepting the page-by-page Full Scans started from TSM's Auction DB page and the checkbox "Scan manual searches and searches by other Addons" is already enabled in my Auctioneer.

    in TSM i don't find any option in the UI that prevents this, only an option to protect the AH frame from closing when other windows are opened, and i have tried scans with that option either enabled or disabled.. the results are the same: Auctioneer is not showing at all the scan progress bars on top of the right corner of the AH when another addon is paging through the AH.

    if i run a GetAll scan from TSM then the Auctioneer progress bar appears.

    (the Blizzard UI is still throwing up the usual errors about "attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value)" in AddOns\Blizzard_AuctionUI\Blizzard_AuctionUI.lua when running the scans in either mode, so i don't think this is causing that issue with the page-by-page full scan_)
  • I use TSM and auctioneer but I don't do manual scans in either of them, I use the TSM and TUJ auction data addons, as should everyone else really.

    GetAll scan is a blizzard function, so it's expected that it works.
  • Morfraen, that would be nice, but TSM have not sent my email confirmation and they have not answered multiple support requests.
  • i also use TUJ statistics data, in both TSM and Auctioneer but i like to scan AH too, at least once or twice a day. if you haven't noticed, TSM is keeping its own set of statistics, separate from TUJ and those need to be refreshed as well.

    also, the current TSM desktop app for Windows is not signed (not even their setup.exe is signed) and will probably be killed by Microsoft sometime in 2017 when they start enforcing the digital signature requirement on non-core-OS executable files. I think the plan is that only people that enable developer mode in Windows will be able to run unsigned executables but even then, only with warnings about running unsigned files.

    Microsoft will first stop recognizing SHA1 certificates as valid (for signed executables too) in february 2017 (see https://aka.ms/sha1 ) and i think that their plan is that they start enforcing signature requirements some time after that.
  • "Morfraen, that would be nice, but TSM have not sent my email confirmation and they have not answered multiple support requests."

    Check your spam folder?
  • MS will never block unsigned exe's, that would break most games and many open source type utilities.
  • MS is trying to convert windows to windows-as-a-service... that means a tighter control and isolation of running programs, the way that Android does it.

    in both Android and Windows 10 you can side-load apps or run unsigned/custom apps by enabling the appropriate development mode settings.
  • Checked spam and used a different email address, nothing works.
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