• I'm having an issue where the Auctioneer tooltip is too wide and overlapping camparison tooltips etc. I think Enchantix is adding a line below Class listing Quality, Type, Subtype, Equiploc which is a long text string that I think is causing the tooltip to be so wide. I do want the disenchant info and estimated value but don't need that additional info, Is there a way to disable just that extra line? If I uncheck "Show crafting reagents in tooltips" it goes away but unfortunately so does the "Disenchant value". Also as an FYI, it doesn't seem that Enchantrix loads unless EnchantrixBarker is also loaded.
  • not sure what to do about the debug string, probably it will be removed eventually

    as for Barker: disable Barker and use this command instead, on each alt that needs it:
    /enchantrix load always
    (it even says this in the chat window when you login with enchantrix but have not activated it)

    i think what happens is that Barker detects your profession and tells enchantrix to activate... but Barker is not that useful for me.... is just a chat bot for advertising enchants if someone asks.
  • Enchantrix loads just fine without barker.
    The tooltip width is a workaround to a Blizard bug with the game tooltip. We're still talking to them about better solutions or fixes to the game tooltip.

    The quality/type stuff should only be visible if you are a developer and handle enabled the flag to make it visible. Otherwise it defaults to OFF.
  • Thanks for the tip "/enchantrix load always". Worked like a charm. My chat window is very short and skips by a lot of the startup messages when I first login.
    As far as the debug line, I certainly am not a developer.
  • Crap. I checked in one line of debug code that enabled the quality tooltip line.
    I just fixed that.
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