Maintaining Gatherer
  • Hey Guys,

    I see that Gatherer developer is totally busy and not active any more.
    Can I propose my help with at least basic maintenance of this addon?
    Most of the critical issues to keep it working are just a few lines fixes.

    For example, all I changed locally to keep it working now is:

    1-Astrolabe-nil.patch (
    Fix Astrolabe "nil error" that started with WoW 7.0.3. The fix is copied from the Spy addon that also uses this library.

    2-Legion-zone-ids.patch (
    Add the new Legion zone IDs.

    3-Missing-russian-nodes.patch (
    Add the missing node names for Russian translation.

  • Any help would be appreciated. You may wish to logon to our irc server and chat with dinesh. (Just be patient, we are all in different timezones!)
  • Sure, I will :-)
  • Hi...

    I'm just wondering if this could be useful to give you a headstart on updating Gatherer...

    Back in February, there was a fan update posted by AztekPL on the Gatherer Curse page ( that allowed the nodes to be gathered and displayed in the Tanaan Jungle. He also created a set of icons for the Draenor Herbs and Ores. You can see my screenshot of Tanaan Jungle in this image... of Warcraft-08-15-2016 19-33-23-818.jpg?dl=0

    So, I just put together a small zip file containing only the files that were either added or modified for this. I also added the the 2 files that were modified to get the addon back on track with 7.0.3 (astrolabe. lua and GatherZoneTokens.lua) (Updated files for Tanaan Jungle and 7.0.3 support).zip?dl=0

    The only thing that I haven't added is the Russian Nodes mentionned above by vvv444.

    Simply unzip to the gatherer folder as usual... It will overwrite or add the new files.

    The only drawback that was found with this update happens with the Vashj'ir zones and sub-zones. For some reasons, the nodes are not being gathered or displayed on the map. I checked my nodes database and didn't find any nodes in it. I tend to think that there might be some mispelling somewhere that prevents those nodes from being properly processed...

    A big thank you to vvv444 if he can help in any ways the other devs...
  • The version of gatherer in our SVN repo should be testable now. So far it's only been tested by two people - so I want to get a bit more testing before pushing a preview release out.
  • I'll test this evening from home.
  • I want to test this too... In the SVN... ( do we have to download each file one by one ??
  • not if you use an SVN client like TortoiseSVN.
  • Thanks Dinesh... I found the TortoiseSVN website and software... I'll check this after work...
  • Made some fast checkups... Gatherer currently loads without errors... no surprises here...

    Nodes are being displayed in all the Draenor zones, including Tanaan Jungle... but everything on the maps is displayed using a small green square. Since the herbs and ores don't have their individual icons yet... I'll say this is normal behavior.

    I made a side test only by adding the icons that were created by AztecPL to the icons\herbs and icons\Mine directories... and the green squares are being properly replaced by the BLP icons added. No changes made to the build itself. I only added the .blp files.

    Also checked Vashj'ir --> Abyssal Depths and Vashj'ir --> Shimmering Expanse, and I picked up a couple of dozens of herbs... They are still not being recorded nor displayed on the map. Checked my \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\xxxxx\SavedVariables\Gatherer.lua node file and I found no trace of all the nodes I just gathered in those zones.

    I opened the nodes database and made a search and I also note that I don't have any sub-sections in it that would look like

    ["DUN_MOROGH"] = {

    I searched for the partial words VASHJ, SHIMM and ABYSS and the 3 searches came up empty....

    I don't have access to the Legion Beta so I can't report anything on this.
  • download from svn again - I checked in icons and some more fixes.
  • I like that tool (TortoiseSVN)... I wish I would have known about it before... much easier to check for the things that have changed between each build.

    For me, it is now running flawlessly as it is... except for the Vashj'ir zone and sub-zones.

    If you want me to run some specific tests, just ask...
  • Hey Guys,

    I have used Gatherer to record the containers in Tanaan while doing my daily quests. I noticed that the Withered Herb Nodes have been finally added, so I wanted to provide the other tanaan stuff - I case you want to add these nodes/containers. For me it´s working perfectly.

    ["Highmaul Reliquary"] = 237227,
    ["Suspiciously Glowing Chest"] = 243796,
    ["Radiating Apexis Shard"] = 243852,
    ["Gleaming Draenic Chest"] = 243860,

    I have added them as "TREASURE_CHEST" in the GatherCategories File.
  • Problems with Vashjir are due to an old problem with Blizzard's zone ids: basically they return a zone id that doesn't exist in the list of zones by continent. This has been broken for a while now (WoD or earlier), and requires a fix from Blizzard, or a heck of a lot of special case code from every addon that tries to match zone maps.
  • It's ok with me... I didn't know about that Blizz problem... Now I know, I won't bother anyone with that anymore
  • Well, I'm still investigating to see if there's a workaround we missed. That bug has been open a long time...
  • I migrated Gatherer to use HereBeDragons library, which is up-to-date and actively maintained instead of the old Astrolabe. It solves the Vashjir bug. I send ccox with a patch ( Of course it is a quite big change that can potentially introduce new bugs, but I think it is beneficial to use a new, widely used library instead of maintaining an old one by ourselves.
  • Yep, there is a workaround! We're now testing a fix in svn.
  • Very nice work ccox... I just played around with SVN 1153 and it currently works in the 3 sub-zones of Vashj'ir.... I collected around 2 stacks of Stormvine and Azshara's Veil with about 90 minutes of roaming around in the zones.
  • Yep, I did the same - finding herbs in every sub-sub-zone but one.
  • Thanks for the hard work you folks are giving to fixing these addons. Will this be pushed to Curse once fixed?
  • Mining works fine too...
  • We need more testing, since the Gatherer fixes are coming in later (ie: yesterday). And we're still working on details of our release build scripts (loooong story).
  • Is there link that I can go to to download and install Gatherer?? I know you guys are working on updating it for Legion. Thanks!! :)
  • Thank you for all your hard work. I grabbed (turtoiseSVN) the GIT trunk as explained above, but... :)
    I had erased the old addons\Gatherer* folders for a fresh install and noticed that "Gatherer\Libs" was suspiciously missing after I got the gits. Bugsack was screaming!

    My workaround: Restore the old "Gatherer\Libs" folder (from the last release), which creates "Babylonian", "Configator", "LibDataBroker" folders and the file "Load.xml"

    I then copied those three (presumed newer) folders (NOT the Load.xml) from Auc-Advanced\Libs over the (presumed older) folders in Gatherer\Libs.

    So far, success! I just wanted to post that here in case someone else stumbles over the same thing. Disclaimer - I still have to mine/herb anywhere...

    Thank you all for your outstanding work in continuing the addon!
  • Drache, you can also get the libs from svn. Replace gatherer with libs in the path name
  • Lol I tried that svn and I got 15 lua errors lol
  • how do i help with bugs and stuff
  • Don't forget you need the libraries as well.
    Just test it, and post any errors you see.
  • All is fine for me up to now... No errors... Works fine in Aszuna for Herbalism... Haven't tried mining yet...
  • I haven't found any yet, but do you think that Felwort should be included in Gatherer as an herb ?? According to Wowhead herbalism guide... :

    "Felwort: The lotus equivalent of Legion, from World Quests"

    Same remark goes for Infernal Brimstone

    Infernal Brimstone: From Mining World Quests.

  • I don't know - I have yet to find an actual herb node or mining node for those items.
    I suspect they just show up as bonuses when gathering from normal nodes, or as part of world quests (as noted).

    But if I (or wowhead) finds nodes for them, they can be added.
  • Hey There!

    I've been testing this with my community for the last few days, with all the libraries included, and I haven't had a single error. The addon shares the discovered nodes properly, the icons are displayed on the map correctly... everything seems to be working as intended!

    The only issue we had was user error, and that is when we were trying to share our databases with one another. Even though our server is not connected with any other realms, putting playername-realmname was necessary for the information to send.

    We will continue to test it out, but it seems really amazing. I just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate the hard work and effort put into these addons!
  • Hi everyone,

    I've been reading all the posts, overwrite my previous Gatherer folder with the one from SVN and installed the HereBeDragon library.
    It seems to work quite well, BUT I don't see any icons for the Legion herbs (not tried mining) and on the interface those are in English (I'm on a French client).

    Is it normal?
    What can I do to help translate (if possible)?
    Did I missed something?
  • Hey There iFlu,

    I am not sure what is happening there for you. The icons do show up correctly on my minimap. Although I am not sure why it would matter, make sure that you completely delete the old Gatherer folders and install the latest dev version from the SVN. Plus, you need to make sure that you download and install the libraries from the SVN as well, located in a different section.
  • Yes, the localization isn't done (waiting for wowhead), and we haven't checked in all the icons yet (map and minimap should work, but tooltips won't).
  • I can confirm it's due to localization, Aethril works like a charm but not the other nodes I gathered so far (mining and herbalism).
    Can I do something to make the localization works?

    At first I deleted theold gatherer folder but i was not working so i downloaded the last public release and overwrite with the one from SVN.

    Where is the library on the SVN? If it's in the Gatherer folder (or Gatherer HUD's one) I already have it, else I downloaded HereBeDragon Library from Curse, isn't that enough?
  • HereBeDragon isn't used by Gatherer. All you need is in the Gatherer directory on the SVN.
  • I believe you also need the libs directory from SVN.
  • I've got an interesting thing happening here, and I am not actually sure that it hasn't always happened. The node that shows up on the minimap directly correlates with where your player is standing in the zone instead of where the herb/ore is actually located. For example, if I was clicking on an herb the entire time I was running up to it my map would show a long line of 'nodes' starting from the moment I was able to click on it and ending on the node itself.

    I don't know if there is a fix for this, or if it even needs a fix. I am letting everyone in my guild know, at the moment, to just play nice and keep the DB clean by just click on the nodes when you are on top of it <3
  • yes.. it only records player coordinates when gathering stuff... noticed that years ago.

    i don't think it's even possible to record actual gathered item coordinates (without standing directly on top of the item itself)
  • I don't know if it is possible, but could the note only be added IF the player is 'casting' something like the herb gathering ability? So the player would need to have clicked on it (tooltip), and they would need to be close enough to actually gather the herb (casting herb gathering)... which would keep the marks on the map as near to the herbs location as possible.

    No clue if something like that is possible though =(
  • They are only added if you try to gather something, and are merged if you have a couple close together.
  • Oh I read something about HereBeDragon library up in posts...

    Ok and where do I put the library? In Gatherer folder or on their own in Addons folder?

    PS: Also works with Fjarnskaggl herb (that name >< )
  • Oh! That's odd. All those strange herb nodes that I got on my map from simply clicking on the herb, from quite a distance, have remained as multiple marked locations. I know when clicking on the herb, even when the cursor shows that it is much too far away to actually gather it, I get the 'gather received' and 'sent to guild' message, which I can actually spam myself if I just keep clicking on the herb. I suppose, if I were so inclined, I could make a large patch of herb nodes. I do know that they will be compiled if the locations are neigh on top of one another, but it doesn't include the ones placed on the map from clicking on the herb from a distance away.
  • I might see if I can make a video or take some screenshots of it!
  • I have a newbie question. How to get Gatherer to work? If someone could make a list of what to do i would be really grateful :)
  • Pinkphoenix... How do you get those messages.. "gather received" and "sent to guild"... ? Gatherer is usually silent when gathering nodes..
  • There is an option to show a chat message when sending gathers to your guild or group (usually only enabled by developers, but it is in the UI).

    Yes, the multiple points thing is odd, and I'll have to see if I can reproduce it and debug it. The code shouldn't be doing that, but it sounds like something is off (possibly Blizzard changed the error message and Gatherer isn't detecting it correctly).
  • Hahaha! It's all good. We've been sharing our databases, and I wanted everyone to try out clicking on the herbs from a distance to see if it happens to them as well <3 I just have to say... OMG. Our maps look so silly now! Time to scrub this DB and have everyone go back out lol.<br />
    Thanks for your help <3
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