• I know you're slammed trying to update and be ready for legion and this is very minor so I don't expect anything on this anytime soon. Just wanted to put it out there in case you get a free moment.

    I use these 2 addons but neither have an option in the norganna slide bar. As in, I can't put them on the slide bar, so they are always hovering around my minimap. I was hoping you could add them in as options.

    Details -
    Leatrix -

    Thank you for your time and this awesome suite of addons
  • The slide bar only works for addons that support the LibDataBroker format. You would have to go to the authors of those addons and ask them to add this support.
  • ah ok tyvm
  • Re-bumping this thread because I have the same problem, even with addons that claim to support LibDataBroker. What else can I try, ask for, use, check on, to try to make this work?
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