Auc-Advanced not showing in addons
  • As stated, I installed the latest preview build and for some reason the Auc-Advanced isn't showing up in my addons. This is a complete first because I have all the others and they say that dependency is disabled........but, somehow non-existent and it was there before. I even went and deleted the file and re-installed it out of the Suite download and it is installed; but, it's nowhere in my addons listing.
  • You've installed it incorrectly, probably a directory too high or too low. Try extracting it onto your desktop first, then copying the folders into your addons folders. (Or, if you are OK waiting a day or two, I'll probably be pushing a version to CG soon.)
  • Well, funny thing is those dependencies aren't greyed out anymore..........I have NO idea wth happened but they seem to not be greyed out.

    Update: Just logged in and it's running.........yet that thing isn't showing up in addons for some unknown reason but Auctioneer is running.
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