ElvUI conflict
  • Something is breaking the ElvUI chat bubbles in 7.0 preview, I've outlined the issues on the thread below...


    Not sure who or what is to causing the issue though!
  • That sounds a lot more like coincidence than causality.
    You need to narrow down which addon is causing the conflict (and it ain't stubby).
  • Read the entire thread, I've narrowed it down as both BeanCounter and Auctioneer core both break the ElvUI chat bubbles.
  • BeanCounter doesn't have anything that could cause such a conflict.
    The makers of ElvUI will need to debug it and figure out what is going wrong.
  • Thanks, you've been very helpful.
  • The problem has been tracked down, you might want to read the last comment by the ElvUI dev...

  • Thanks for letting us know. Well look into the texture issue.
  • Not sure what could be going on here. I'm guessing they are talking about "Interface/Tooltips/ChatBubble-Background" and/or "Interface/Tooltips/ChatBubble-BackDrop".
    We use them in various places, but in every case we use them on one of our own GUI frames that has just been created.
    I don't see how using the textures for that could change anything anywhere else?

    Would be useful if the ElvUi devs could tell us exactly what is getting changed.
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