7.0.5664 GetAll Scanning?
  • Still broken on Aerie Peak. Any joy towards fixing the GetAll scans?

    You guys have done an awesome job so far, thank you!
  • Actually, after that, I tried a regular scan, and it broke down after 7.5min, with 29min to go. :/ Trying again after logging out and back in.
  • GetAll works ok on small servers. Unfortunately GetItemInfo plays up a bit and requires a fix from Blizzard.
    Scans breaking partway through is mostly due to shard issues in capital cities. If you go to smaller areas like Booty Bay or the AH in Draenor you have a bit better luck.
  • Currently in Dalaran... Good? Bad?
  • I think it may be that normal scans will break if attempted after the failure of a GetAll scan.
  • Annnnd...another failure from Dalaran. I didn't have this issue with the preview snapshots. *ponder*

    What's worse is that, if it fails, it's actually preventing the auction window from coming back up at all once you close it. I've had to re-login. (It's possible a refresh UI might work. I haven't tried that minimal approach yet.)
  • I haven't tried Dalaran sorry, not sure.
  • Just went down to Booty Bay. GetAll failed. Normal scan just hung 28.7% through 81.6k auctions, 469 pages in, 9min8sec in. I believe I'd tried a GetAll before a full scan. I hit stop, the post-processing ran, said it missed 44k items, and now I cannot open the auction window again after closing it.

    I'll try restarting the client and doing a full scan in BB without doing a GetAll attempt first. But this is buggier than the previews. I was able to do full scans in Dalaran with the first preview. Scanning -isn't- fixed. :/

    EDIT: Apparently, if you open the banker, then close it, you can open the auction window again.
  • Tried in a garrison?
  • I'm level 88, just about to hit 89. Don't have one yet.
  • building the Garrison AH is a pain in the rear because the Language parts for it that only drop in PvP areas are still quite expensive / annoying to get :(
  • I just saw something I haven't been at the keyboard to see previously, as I've been afk or afw while scanning most of the time. It -may- have happened on previous scans, it may not. But it just said in red letters: "Internal Auction Error", which then disappeared, and the scan is hung.

    I -suspect- that's what's been happening all night.

    Happened in BB.
  • I'm tempted to drop one of the preview versions back in and see if it fares any better. I'd swear it was far more stable in previews.
  • Dalaran Alliance GetAll worked for me.
    As did Cenerion Circle Horde and Alliance (after one failure on Horde side, looked like sharding).
  • "building the Garrison AH is a pain in the rear because the Language parts for it that only drop in PvP areas are still quite expensive / annoying to get :("

    Lame, they were dirt cheap before ashran was removed ;)

    Can always use LFG to find someone sharing a garrison with AH.
  • GetAll is now the least of my problems. Even in BB, I cannot get a full scan. :(
  • Vorxion, I feel your pain, but I don't know what to suggest right now...
  • Is there a way you folks can get onto Aerie Peak and try to fix it there? Seems to happen at any AH there. Maybe any large server breaks it, but I have an actual server I can point to where it's been 100% replicable for a day.
  • (If there's anything I can do to help debug it somehow, do let me know...)
  • these are Blizzard bugs... server-side stuff
  • Unless you're searching for deals, you really don't need to do a getall scan. Use TUJ addon for your auction data, it's way more accurate than anything you can generate yourself by randomly scanning once or twice a day.
  • I'm largely trying to make sure my prices are up to date before I try undercutting.
  • Yeah, the undercutting part is all you need an up to date scan for, but you can do that by alt-refresh on the appraiser page. It lets you post htings slightly fast than it scans, so you have to wait occasionally, but it's faster than a full scan.
  • Wait, I'm not familiar with this alt-refresh on the appraiser page. Can you please detail the steps for this really quickly? It would certainly help me out. :) Thanks!
  • You select the top item on the appraiser page.
    Hold down the "alt" key and then click refresh, that's all it takes. It goes through all the items listed in appraiser and just scans them.
  • Actually I think there is a tooltip when you hover over the Refresh button. You can do this to see the various shortcuts.
  • You know, I'd never used the Appraiser pane before. I always just did scans. That worked a treat, saved me a cartload of time compared to a full scan, and made me a bunch of gold. Thank you!

    (I'd still love 19s full GetAll scans back, though!!!!) :)
  • http://forums.norganna.org/index.php?p=/discussion/comment/1761#Comment_1761

    enable hiding the items during a full scan or a GetAll() scan.. the Blizzard lua errors about "\AddOns\Blizzard_AuctionUI\Blizzard_AuctionUI.lua - attempt to index local 'color' (a nil value)"
    are not getting triggered when scanning with items hidden during scan :)
    (well.. at least for me, i'm not getting them anymore)
  • I'm not getting Lua errors during a GetAll. It just plain hangs partway through, and that's that.
  • are you trying to run a GetAll directly after logon?
    run a category full scan before running the GetAll()... i usually scan Armour -> Cloth before the GetAll() - this is because i run the scan from a priest and want to take a look at cheap cloth mogs :)

  • Well, I'm generally having to zone a few times. If you mean am I running it as my first scan of the session, then yes.

    Why would a category scan help anything?
  • a small category scan usually helps to prepare the server and client's AH cache data buffers for the huge amount of data that's going to be delivered with a GetAll().

    i got into this habit because of the disconnections i was having in Draenor times ... i discovered that running a small scan before the GetAll would prevent any disconnect.
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