The Undermine Journal addon
  • I use The Undermine Journal addon for pricing data but I'm unable to set auctioneer to use that addon for prices with the latest build. I'm not sure which addon is the issue so I posted this on both sides.
  • I think it needs "Auc-UndermineJournal" addon as well, this is separate to the 2 main addons.
  • Actually it is Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal but you were correct. Thank you!
  • When using Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal auctioneer sees TheUndermineJournal addon and allows me toset auctioneer to use the prices from TheUndermineJournal but then auctioneer acts like there is no prices there. I know TheUndermineJournal has prices in it because i loaded Tradeskillmaster and it could see the prices from TheUndermineJournal.
  • I see similar behaviour. Perhaps Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal needs to be updated for Legion? Not sure, but it's very possible the itemlink changes are messing it up.
  • Maybe, :( i hope someone fixes it, not something I know how to fix.
  • You need the actual TUJ addon as well or there's no data. Auc-Stat-TheUndermineJournal just connects the 2. TUJ addon updates once or twice a week with new data.
  • @morfraen I do have it installed and check for updates daily.
  • Dunno then, it's working for me.
  • When I do a resale scan it shows 0 sales when I set it for TUJ, however if I set it for market value it shows a lot of items.
  • Hmmm... I have a few issues with pricing options in Appraiser and TUJ is one of them, I'll have to sit down and some debug stuff in over the weekend to work out what's happening. (I've been delaying coding to play the new stuff, heh.)
  • The problem with this seems to be that when you select it it reports:
    Note: No auctionable Items
    on the right hand panel in Appraiser, even though the tooltip shows data.
    I can see brykrys raised a few issues with the developer a while back, not sure if they were ever addressed. We need the dev to come back to his project if anyone can get in touch with him...
  • Aha! The undermine journal only supports EU and US servers, I think that's the issue.
  • I'm on the US servers
  • I think the oceania servers are part of the US region.
  • I'm considering hardcoding the realm id to one of the US servers. Though I'd have to redo it every update.
    It's actually stupid because they allow the use of global data and show them in the tooltips. Hmmm.... Maybe I can get Auc-Stat to use the global data instead, that might be the problem.
  • I've currently got a lot of debug statements in and while I get the tooltips it's definitely returning 0 to Auctioneer
  • The global data isn't 'global', it's the region data. It's possible your realm is just new and was never added to the realmIDs table?

    This is the best place to get it fixed, he's pretty quick to respond and fix things.
  • Cool. I've posted there about some stuff. But I've fixed it for now, the problem was mostly the implementation of the volatility settings. If the deviation was too high it didn't limit it, instead it returned 0 data, really bad error case. I've made a sample fix. I also enabled the optional metrics for the price array. Next thing it needs is the "area" returned to Market Value in Auctioneer properly, it's only doing the minimum, not best practise.
  • Hey there, dev here. Despite my lack of being subscribed to WoW at the moment I would still like to keep this addon functional for others that rely on it. For the most part, I had been waiting on the Auctioneer updates to determine whether mine had or had not become out of date. Assuming that it isn't "broken" in any sense I will likely refrain from putting out any major updates until Legion, but am actively looking at player feedback.

    Since the majority of people seem to be able to get stuff working I would just like to troubleshoot whoever still is unable to do so. In all likelihood disabling local and global price volatility thresholding and ensuring that at least one price source is selected (global median is highly recommended) will get your numbers back :). If that is still not the case I will have to look into some bug fixing, but as it stands there are no tickets on the issue.

    The area fix is in the works and is a known issue, but thanks for drawing attention to it. I have to rework the item PDF function anyways, so this will be coming with it.

    Optional values will be returned in a future version along with some other derived stats that probably should have been there in the first place. I was a bit hesitant to do so given that I didn't know what naming conventions other modules used for certain stats, but I realized that having them there would likely do more good than harm.

    As far as the volatility settings are concerned, I "think" that what you are experiencing is actually intended functionality (and yes, the market really is that volatile) but I could be wrong. This was the case the last time I looked at it and, ceteris paribus, it should function the same. That being said, local volatility thresholding only functions if the local prices are being used and the same goes for the global volatility. I may end up looking into a change for this allowing for customization of comparison methods, but it seems unlikely as the functionally is already pretty limited.

    Of course I could be wrong and may have implemented the volatility settings incorrectly. I'll be looking into it soon (TM).

    I'm not totally sure what you meant in your ticket though regarding "Instead they should reduce the stddev values to the volatility percent of market." Just to clarify, the intended functionality for the volatility thresholds is to filter out items from searches that have a standard deviation above a certain percent of the item's market value.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  • Good to hear from you!
    Hmmm... My problem with the volatility settings was that they were filtering out everything in every situation, so I thought there was a logic mistake. I understand the idea of filtering out things that have too high a deviation though, that makes sense. It just wasn't working in practise.
    The patch I did makes things work, but by the sounds of it it's by breaking some of the intended effect.
  • Why is the Pct showing all 0%?
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