Setting the Undercut
  • I remember several years back there was a way that configured the Undercut to maximize the profits and I believe someone had suggested at the time Beancounter as primary and Market as alternate.

    Well, with the recent changes, what is the current modelling behavior with the configuration that is being used anymore on this?
  • these days i use TSM for posting stuff because it has a very flexible system for creating price groups and formulas for them and i only use Auctioneer for buying things...
    my TSM undercut formula (mostly for transmog pieces) is:
    first(min(50% dbminbuyout, 50% TUJGlobalMedian), 5g) + 1g
    and a minimum price of
    max(vendorsell * 2, 10% TUJGlobalMedian, destroy)
    yes, i know ... crazy undercut percentages... but i want to get rid of stuff that doesn't sell much anymore.
  • With TSM you can even use Auctioneer prices for the groups. So if you use resale search in Auctioneer for buying you can be sure that TSM will sell it at a reasonable prices compared.
  • Hmm, that's actually pretty interesting and, A_Tom, that wouldn't seem too unreasonable if you're just trying to do a quick turn around, honestly.
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