GetAll warning option location
  • Where is the option to turn off the GetAll warning ?
    I've probably missed it on my several attempts to find it, so would be happy if someone can point me in its direction ;-)

  • Is the getall warning happening every time you log in? If so, it means something was missed in updating the addon, and the developers will have to fix it (this has happened before),
  • It pops up and in faded letters tells me it can be turned off in options. Just can't find it ;-)
  • Go to Auctioneer settings.

    Expand "Util Modules" and go to the "ScanButton" page. Check last option ("Don't Warn...")
  • Thank you Krendar.
    My mistake was looking for the option in the SearchUI instead of the main configuration :-)
    Thanks again :D
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