Appraiser Shows Soulbound Items
  • When I open the Appraiser tab, it shows items in my bags that are soulbound, and allows me to process them as if they were auctionable. I end up having to go back to my bags to check which items are not soulbound, then to the Appraiser tab, in order to be certain that an item actually is auctionable. This is in Release r5664.
  • Which items in particular? And what language is your game client in?

    A screenshot of the tooltip of one of the affected items might help us diagnose this.
  • I occasionally see things that should not be there like Heartstones, Healthstones, etc. No errors and it does not happen that often.
  • i think there must be an additional, different type of error that's not caught by either Swatter or BugSack and that doesn't trigger the default Blizzard error handler either...

    there must be some errors masked by Blizzard because i sometimes also discover that my inventory screen is f*cked up... equipped items do not show proper stats or show red question mark on black background icons instead of the proper item icon or the equipment set panel looks weird and cannot save new sets or load existing ones - and all this happens without being in combat at all and not having any lua error caught by any of the error handlers.

    This interface error may also be related to my tamed pets as BM hunter.. sometimes i find that the game suddenly thinks in the middle of the raid that i don't have ANY pets tamed and summonable and not even a /reload or re-login fixes the interface.. i have to fully restart the game client when it happens.
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