"Scan complete" sound isn't playing
  • Using the 7.0 release version.
    Like the title says, I've had the "Scan complete" set up always, but it no longer works in the 7,0 version.
    When I change the sound, I can hear it just fine, but it just doesn't play when a scan is complete.
  • The sound won't play if the scan doesn't complete properly. Check the text that Auctioneer prints to chat at the end of the scan to see if it reports problems. But most people are suffering from incomplete scans right now, so that's probably what it is.
  • Yeah, it does say "Incomplete scan missed 73224 items".
    I guess that since I never hear the sound, none of my scans actually complete properly :(
    It's the same on all servers I play on. The number of auctions on those servers range from 50.000-180.000 items.
  • 180 thousand? wow.
  • Draenor realm, Horde side. Most (horde) populated EU realm :)
  • I've had that on all the realms I've played on (both sides on one of them, too). So, yes, atm it does seem to be missing them and it could be because of the change that was done to the capital cities involving the CRZ. They decided to allow multiple realms connect (outside of the announced realm connections announced previously when they were doing some 'merges') and that could be the root cause.
  • Would it be very difficult to add an option for completion of scans that did have problems? I really miss being reminded when the scan is done (I tend to get sidetracked during most scans). Having a different sound for when it's done, but with problems would be great. I just want to hear something when it's done scanning what it can :)
  • play "sad_trombone.ogg" ?
  • even that, yes :)
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