Auctioneer 7.0 (All Versions Currently)
  • The Tooltips are showing below the bags level of the default game toolbar/actionbar.

    Please change, correct/fix this so that it will show above the bottom of the screen because it is not readable below the toolbar/actionbar.
  • There is a blizzard bug preventing us from doing this at the moment.
  • When I log on to my toons I get an error message for auctioneer saying that enchantrix will not work until I download Auctioneer higher than 4.0. Please help me fix this problem.
  • Assuming you've downloaded the current release (7.0) , you must have a veeeeery old version of our stuff installed somewhere. Go in and uninstall all the auctioneer files, then try reinstalling.
  • I just opened up auctioneer and suddenly the post items, search and appraiser tabs are no longer working. I am not use if there has been a hotfix on
    WoW pr not but it worked fine two days ago. just thought you should know hope it is not an extreme problem i really like the addon
  • That message from Enchantrix usually means Auctioneer is disabled. Perhaps the message could be reworded to make it clearer, now that we are way past Auctioneer 4.0.
  • would it be possible to add some configuration options for the extra tip to show on the side of the tooltip aligned with the top of it? (either on left or right side of the tooltip, depending where there's screen space for it)

    will probably need to avoid any secondary comparison tips that appear when comparing the item under the mouse with the same-slot item that's already equipped.

    i usually run in 1920x1080 resolution - have plenty of horizontal space but not enough vertical space for the long tooltips, this would help a lot.
  • Configuring LibExtraTip is always a pain since it's used by Auctioneer, Enchantrix, Informant, BeanCounter, TradeSkillMaster, TheUndermineJournal and a few others - so which one gets the config option? Or if they all have the same config option, what do you do when they are all set differently?
  • i think LibExtraTip itself should have the configuration option where to put the extra tip... this way it doesn't matter what info is placed in the extra tip or what addon uses it.

    try to first place the tip on the bottom if there's enough room for all of it, if not, place it on the side
  • Left / right aligning to the parent tooltip if it would go off the left/right side of the screen should work? As should putting it above the parent if it would go off the bottom? Assuming there's some way for libextratip to check the size of the parent or the screen space coords of the additional tooltip.
  • brykrys. Thanks that was exactly what the problem was. Thanks everyone for your assistance
  • So, all of these issues and still no current update/fixes?

    Also, just for clarification, I am referring to these errors...and the others being posted about 5664...etc.
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