After AH Scan, the pages seem to be out of order (percentage wise)
  • After doing a Scan of the AH, the pages shown in the right column never show the lowest price-per-item on the first page. I have to click the next-page tab until the end of the pages until I find the LOWEST price-per-item.

    Is that normal? I was hoping that the lowest price-per-item would be presented at the beginning, not the end.
    Note: I look at those pages within 1 or 2 seconds after completing the Scan. Plus, for assurance, I also click on Update. Yet, the result is the same. Lowest (current) prices are on the last page. Why?
  • The "pages" are part of the Blizzard interface, not Auctioneer. We have no control over them.
    After scanning you should go to the "Search" Panel and do your searching there, that has full sortable lists of all auctions.
  • Thank you for your reply. In my opinion, the Auctioneer addon is really baffling if it can't find the pages first, then sort them for presentation to the user. What a pain it is to click "next page" 15 times to get to the most recent 'lowest price.' Oh, well. Thank you. I just expected a better-performing auctioneer addon. I guess Blizzard wants to cripple all addon authors whenever they can. I appreciate your reply. This is, however, the best auction house addon ever created!
  • That's why we made the search panel.
    The confusing part is that it's not immediately obvious which parts are Blizzard and which part is us which is why people sometimes have wrong expectations. But with Blizzard you can only get one page of auctions at a time and you can only order by things on that one page. That's why we implemented scanning to get everything.
  • " But with Blizzard you can only get one page of auctions at a time and you can only order by things on that one page"

    That's not true... clicking on the the column headers sorts the whole search, not just the current page. What can make it confusing is for price it sorts on the bid, not the buyout.

    If you're trying to buy things like crafting materials, just use auctionator or TSM, they handle those functions much better.
  • That is only true for a small number of fields. And as you say, it sorts by bid, not BO. which is useless.
  • Ah, ok, didnt know it sorted by bid, that explains it better.
  • i realized that it sorts only by Bid years ago because this is abused heavily and Blizzard doesn't care:

    some nasty sellers on my realm always list items for 48h with 1c starting bid and large buyout prices, hoping to trick buyers into pressing the Buy button instead of the Bid button.

    they always cancel and re-post those 48h auctions every 24h so there's almost zero chance of the item selling at the bid price but i imagine they catch quite a few buyers that don't watch out what prices they're buying items at.

    Blizzard is not doing anything about this because technically this is not bug abuse but a feature working as intended * (the old "it's not a bug, it's a feature" excuse)

  • I'm glad to know that sorting is based upon the 'bid' value. I didn't know that either. I have hardly ever used bidding as a method to sell or buy items.
  • i use Bid a lot... getting some sweet deals sometimes...

    today i got a couple of taladite amplifiers for 5 silver each, on bid price (buyout was 3k each) :)
    good for levelling gear :)
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