Auctioneer window position
  • Don't know if I forgot to change a setting when I reloaded auctioneer.
    Or if Blizzard broke something in the 7.0 update.

    But I use to be able to:
    Open Auctioneer normally (left side of screen)
    I would see that I wanted to gather some profession items. (cooking, FA, etc)
    I could open those profession windows and they would appear just to the right of auctioneer
    (this making it easy to see that profession item needed, click it into the search for AH, and get it)
    Also, the AH window must be protected or it closes when the profession window opens.

    What I see now is no interaction between the two windows.
    If Auctioneer is open, and profession is opened, it drops on top of Auctioneer.
    The profession window can not be dragged.
    I must then move Auctioneer window to the right to see it behind the profession window.

    Sure was nice the old way.
    Started when I pulled Auctioneer fully and reinstalled fresh for 7.0
    I guess this could even be a WoW UI problem since you ride on top of their frame.
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