Undercutting the competition
  • Hi, I still find your addon just a little comlicated but over the years have learned more. I just wonderd how I can allways undercut by say a min of 50S & a max of 20G. And, why when I seem to have applied these pricing limits, the system can be wildly out of sync. Even following a fast scan or alt-scan of the current list, I still see my own expired items in there. On trying a regular slow scan the items had been removed but pricing for auction on various items was way out. Am I using the correct pricing tool ? Is there an Auctioneer for Dummies PDF out there anywhere because I could sure use it :) Great addon, many thanks for keeping it updated.
  • The GetAll (fast) scan is a bit broken on blizzards end right now, so more than likely those are not completing correctly for you, and as a result we don't remove anything except auctions that are older than 2 days old.

    The slow scan usually works, but you have to understand how it removed expired items. If they are expired because it's been more than 2 days, they will usually get removed after the first scan completes (though if it's right on the boundary of 2 days it might not).

    If it's expired because you (or another seller) canceled it early or it was bought, it won't get removed right away. This is because in a slow scan it is possible for items to slip between pages as the slow scan is happening. As a result, we require an item to be missed in 2 consecutive slow scans in order to be removed.

    Note that if you do an item refresh, and there is only 1 page of results, it is treated more like the getall scan, and should get removed immediately as well, because there is only 1 page of results.
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