What to delete due to rapidly changing prices?
  • Prices are changing drastically, as expected. Some stats deal with this automatically by preferring recent data, but some don't. Anyone have thoughts on what the most importants stats to delete the data for are? (I don't want to delete everything.)
    I'd prefer that my prices skew low for a while. (Though I'm already undercutting a large amount and only buying things with high discounts to try and be safe, but my Market prices are a lot higher than I'd like.)
  • Should be using TUJ or TSM for your market data. Your own scans will never capture enough sample points like reading directly from the blizzard feed can.

    Even those will take 3 days to 2 weeks to flush pre-launch data, and prices will continue to evolve a lot as people hit cap and shift from leveling to 'end game'.
  • I use TUJ, but not exclusively, maybe I'll shift. TSM won't work since they won't deal with my support problems about activation emails.
  • If you primarily use TUJ I'd just clear your scan data, it won't have anything really useful in it that TUJ doesn't already provide.
  • these days i delete my ScanData every 1..2 days or so... but usually i just disable the ScanData module completely so it doesn't even bother to save the data at logout. (i use TUJ data)
  • It looks like Market price doesn't pick up TUJ currently, though it should theoretically.
    So having deleted my old data I have a few items I've had to put fixed prices in for.
  • If you are scanning, the modules that hold onto data the longest are Stat-Histogram (never deletes old data) and Stat-Simple (responds very slowly to price fluctuations).

    Will have to check if TUJ is being used in Market Price, but the first thing is the make sure you have Auc-Stat-TheUnderminJournal installed (Maintained by HeavyStoneCrab, it's what I call a patch plugin, patches data from TUJ into Auctioneer).
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