Informant sell to vendor value doesn't agree with TradeSkillMaster (which misses quality bonuses)
  • the sell-to-vendor value on this tooltip is odd...

    Auctioneer (LibExtraTip) says that the sell-to-vendor value is 24g 85s 86c
    TSM says that the sell-to-vendor value is 18g 39s 86c

    which one is correct?


  • TSM.

    I can't imagine what is going on though, since we should just be calling the API to get the vendor price.
  • I've seen more than a few places where the vendor value is incorrect.
    I'm not sure if there is a problem with the API, or what we are passing to the API.

    We call sell = select(11,GetItemInfo(itemLink)) - which is supposed to be accurate, and we should be passing in the full itemString (but I'll have to test that).
  • I've verified that informant is using the full itemString.

    But the price shown by the Blizzard tooltips are inconsistent -- you see different values with the same item in different places (wearing, bags, AH).

    Printing the itemstring to chat and clicking on it shows the same price as informant's sell to vendor price.

    Hmm, the bad price isn't from using the item number only -- that returns yet-another price that doesn't match.
  • OK, what I found in my testing was just an oversight on my part -- armor/weapons that needed repair and that was factored into the vendor price in the tooltip.
    (which is odd since this toon hasn't moved or been in combat for the past year)
    Once repaired, all the prices match up between the game tooltip and informant tooltip.
  • Blizzard's tooltip and Informant both show the same vendor sell value for an epic quality Warhide Belt (item level 745): 24g 85s 86c
    And that is the exact amount I get when selling it to a vendor.

    TSM appears to be showing you the value for a blue/rare quality belt - so it is probably going by item number instead of the full itemstring (and thus misses the quality bonuses).
  • Doh! Missed the item level difference.
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