[Question] Limit Number of Pages to Scan
  • "limit number of pages" didn't return anything of relevance, so I'll ask.

    Is there a way to tell Auctioneer to only scan the first, say, 5 pages of each Category/Sub-category?

    I'm on a high-pop server and there's about 2700+ pages...Auctioneer says it needs about FOUR HOURS to complete the scan.

    Most of that is due to 'stack of 1' posts now that Legion is live. So, I don't really need to scan the other 45 pages of Felslate; just the first, say, three.
  • 1. under ScanProgress options: enable the 2 options (show textual progress indicator and leave the text on screen after completion)

    2. under Compact UI options: DISABLE "Prevent other modules from changing the display of the browse tab while scanning"
    (yes, even if you have the CompactUI disabled, apparently that checkbox setting is still used even when CompactUI is disabled)

    this is not exactly what you asked, but scanning with items hidden during the scan is MUCH faster and even GetAll() scans work reasonably after a first initial slow-scan

  • So....where is ScanProgress exactly?

    7.0 r5664, and I see the Configuration sections:
    Core Options
    Stat Modules
    Filter Modules
    Match Modules
    Util Modules

    None of the sub categories say 'ScanProgress'. I went through all the sections and haven't been able to find the two options you spoke of. -- I may have missed it, or the wording is different.

    - Prevent other Modules from Changing the display [...] was already unchecked (assume that's what you mean by 'Disable'


    But, I'm guessing that default 'fresh install' of Auctioneer is setup to be as speedy as possible. So...ya...still 4 hours. >_>
  • expand the Util Modules drop-down (click on the golden arrow in front of it so that the arrow points down)

  • Officially blind... x_x

    And those were checked by default.

    Finally finished the initial scan of the new server I transferred to. And it says 1hr 14min to scan. I notice the Auctions per second fluctuate wildly depending on the time of day. Right now I'm cruising at 23.3 per second. But, later in the day it slows to a snail's pace of 10 - 11 per second.

    ...crazy thing is the to number of pages is going DOWN.
  • I'd love love love to see this feature - or a feature to scan the AH from the newest --> Oldest auctions.
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