Appraiser problem with Coalfist Gronnling
  • Attempting to post a Coalfist Gronnling in the Appraiser results in the following error message:

    * Could not post item: Not enough of item available

    I have two in my bags. I generally post two at a time so I normally have the number to post set at 2 and the Only box checked. Changing the number to post to 1 or All did not correct the error. Unchecking the Only box did not correct the error. I can and have posted the auction manually in the standard Auctions tab. I generally post about 50 items a day and no other items are having this issue.
  • I know about this problem. The Blizzard api is returning the wrong value for the totalcount of the items you have in your bags.
    I've tried fixing it, but no luck so far.
    (It happens with all battlepets too but we have a workaround that fixes it for most of them, it just doesn't work when I try and use the same workaround for other stuff.)
  • Good to know. Thanks.
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