Beancounter no longer counting failed sales?
  • Reinstalled the latest auc suite version (8/18/2016) but I still cannot for the life of me get Beancounter to work. It only seems to work on maybe 1 out of 20 items or worse odds, usually not counting any non-sales, and occasionally counting the item once as a non-sale when it does work.

    I have about 100 to 200 items cycling through my mailbox and the auction house at any time so it became readily apparent that Beancounter wasn't working but I was hoping that if left alone it might "kick in" as time marched on. On that note, has Beancounter worked for anyone else here after the Legion expansion?

    Are there any known unfriendly addons that will block Beancounter from working? Pretty sure the only thing in my setup that might be working with the mailbox is Postal. In the >2 expansions up to now, Postal hasn't conflicted with Beancounter before.
  • I've had _weird_ results from beancounter since the upgrade. Overall it seems to update the sold and failed counts in appraiser, but if I select an item in the Beancounter panel it is obviously missing some auctions (even ones it shows in appraiser) and when I change the pricing model in appraiser it seems to completely reset the bought/failed counts (there is a chance this may be design, I don't know)
  • I agree that there is still something weird going on with Beancounter. It's so hard to tell exactly what though because I have so many auctions and it's recording _some_ stuff. I do have green items I've bought for disenchant come out of the mailbox without a reason listed, but it doesn't happen consistently.
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