Disenchanting Legion Epics
  • Some legion epics (notably some of the crafted and rolled epics) disenchant to temporal crystals, not leylight shards. The disenchant module seems to value these epics at the value of leylight shards, thus causing lost profits (temporal crystals are worth nothing compared to leylight shards now).

    Any chance to correct this?
  • Leylight shards are from rares/blues, not epics/purples.
    And yes, Legion epics below ilevel 750 give temporal crystals - which Enchantrix shows.
  • That's the problem. I have temporal crystals set at 1 silver -- Enchantrix is valuing sub 750 epics at the value of leylight shards....
  • You need to show me what you're referring to.
    Epics don't yield leylight shards, so those wouldn't enter into the calculation at all.
  • Rares that got upgraded to epic probably do, just like the low level WoD items DE'd to sha crystals.
  • ^^^ That. They are the crafted rares that have been upgraded to epics. I just came across Leystone Armguards - valued as if they are disenchantable into a leylight shard, but actually disenchant into temporal crystal.
  • If the item shows as an epic, then it will DE as an epic (otherwise it's a game bug), and the current enchantrix code will treat it as an epic as long as the game claims it is an epic.

    And again, I need a lot more information to reproduce what you are seeing -- Enchantrix normally handles upgraded items just fine.
  • Don't think it ever correctly handled the WoD items that proc'd a random epic upgrade either?
  • http://tinypic.com/r/20hk86w/9

    Here's an example. Note that the item is valued at 1 copper, yet the program values it (seemingly) at the price I've set for a leylight shard and queues it for purchase.

    This happens with EVERY epic rolled crafted item in legion that I've come across.
  • Yes, it did handle WoD items with most upgrades. There are still some issues due to a Blizzard API oversight, but that is being worked on.
  • vendettas - ok, that is useful. You aren't talking about Enchantrix itself, but about the Disenchant or Enchant Materials searcher in auctioneer (which calls Enchantrix, but uses quite different code).
    I'll have to check the DE searchers and see what might be going on.
  • AH, the searchers work by the item number instead of the full item link. That's the problem.
  • Alright, fixed in svn.
  • Sorry for the confusion - I've used this addon for years but never been active here.

    I'm glad the picture helped build some clarity on this issue. Thank you for your support (despite the obvious confusion).

    Is there a way for me to download the updated version?
  • You can download the latest from svn, otherwise you'll have to wait for a new release.
  • So with recent hotfixes, Blizzard has again changed the way items disenchant. It seems like the items I complained about at the beginning of this post are now disenchanting into Leylight Shards as opposed to Chaos Crystals.
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