Auctioneer not showing in my addon list?
  • Hey i can't turn on auctioneer cause its not in the addon list. however is in the Interface/Addons/ folder. I've reinstalled it multiple times, even tried the 7.1 but no luck.
  • 2 cases here:

    1) you have multiple warcraft installations and you're looking at the Addons folder for the wrong one

    2) you extracted the zip file into a single folder and moved THAT folder to the Addons folder - the folders from the zip file need to be DIRECTLY under the Addons folder, not in some sub-folder in there. You must respect the exact folder layout from the zip file - the zip root folder is considered to be the /Addons/ folder.
  • Hey thanks, but unfortunately thats not the case.

    Heres my folder.

    And heres My ingame addons.
  • make sure you enable Stubby too, it's the core dependency of Auctioneer

    if what's in those screenshots is all you have of Auctioneer.. then you're missing some of it:
  • wait.. that's not it.. Program Files x86... that's probably your problem.. you installed a 64-bit program into a folder for 32-bit programs?

    check if you have a warcraft\interface\Addons folder into \Program Files\ and not \Program Files x86\

    if possible.. move the warcraft install location to another folder out of the standard-windows ones.. i use c:\Games\
    C:\Games\\ - for the app
    C:\Games\World of Warcraft\ - for the game
  • Ah, So what happened is i hit my powerbar twice the other day by accident causing it to kill the power. Anyways.. Turns out it reverted back to my wow install like you said the first time. Which is odd because at the time i posted this it had only crashed once, and when i checked it, it said /:C drive so i assumed that wasn't the issue. Yet today when i check it(After a fresh boot)'s back to /F:

    So for a day the was pulling from my /:F drive backup because the 2 crashes. All without updating the location inside the app itself... Which is kinda odd.

    thank you.
  • you should still remove wow from the Program Files directory to another location. Wow will do some pretty strange things with a UAC shadow directory if you're not running under a user with admin privs. It will cause you massive headaches if you're trying to resolve issues with your addons.
  • also... Windows 10 will clean up the ACLs your \Program Files\ and \Program Files x86\ folders by resetting to secure defaults the security permissions on the standard OS files/folders on each major anniversary update (or major kernel updates).

    this is because each anniversary upgrade under the hood is a completely new installation of Windows, Microsoft is just migrating just some settings from the old OS to the new one... and shoving the old windows installation under a rug..

    (look for a folder named "\windows.old" left behind after the win10 anniversary upgrade is finished... on my PC this one had almost 25 gigabytes of old windows leftovers...
    This folder will be cleaned up the next time you run CLEANMGR with admin rights and select to remove the previous windows install.)

    btw... starting in October 2016 even Windows 7 and 8.1 will get some.. interesting changes to the Windows update servicing model... you might find they also do ACL security resets for Program Files even for these OSs:

  • Hi dinesh,

    This is probably not the best place to inject a question into this current thread. But, since you mentioned this issue here, I'm hoping that it's okay to ask a question here because I'm in this predicament, myself.

    My OS is Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. My WoW game was installed many years ago onto this path:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft"

    and, you are suggesting that it should be "moved" to:

    "C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft".

    Can I do that safely by merely copying/pasting (or moving) the World of Warcraft [folder] to the correct PATH without having to reinstall the entire WoW game again? Or, would that NOT work properly due to conflicts with the current System Registry, etc.? I'm afraid of ending up with a nightmare situation - and, no game to play. (big grin)

    [Note: The game (which is installed and running as 64-bit) seems to be running properly. But, according to the link about Microsoft changing things, I'm getting concerned about issues that might happen in the future.]

    At my age (71), I've forgotten much of what I used to know about doing such things. So, I'm asking where I can find a link to a simple, step-by-step procedure to accomplish it, if you cannot tell me here. *Please, delete this post if it was improper to have asked the question here.

    Thank you.
  • No, move it out of all program files directories. To C:/games or pretty much anywhere else. I believe you can just move the wow directory wholesale and just run the launcher from the new position.
  • Hi dinesh,


    I did as you suggested. I moved World of Warcraft folder into a new folder named "C\Games. After changing a few installation paths, the game runs great.
    -- Thanks again!
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