Gatherer Wowhead Database addon Update for Legion & Warlords
  • Hey guys I was wondering what can i do to assist in updating this database and to get the person in charge to push this onto curse since its only on wow interface?

    This is the Jira link for those of you who know how to code.

    Is there a way to import nodes from wow head? how did they do it in the first place.

    This plugin is badly in need of a update.
  • It'll be a little while until Wowhead has the data we need, then we have to get the database pull from Wowhead and process it, and frequently do a bit of cleanup on the data.
    It's not something you can do without Wowhead's assistance.
  • That sucks well we should let wowhead know we intend to update it though. So when they do have the data for legion.

    I know they have the data for Warlords can't we get the data for warlords nodes?
  • Right now we're trying to get the main Gatherer update released. Then we'll see about updating the database.
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