Auctioneer's browse function does not list cheapest items properly
  • Hello, I've been using auctioneer for years now and sometime during one of the last few xpacs I noticed that it does not list the cheapest items first using the browse function. ( I haven't played much the last few xpacs so I haven't really cared). What I noticed is that when I search for an item, it will list the cheapest items first - but only for that stack size.

    For example if I search for thorium ore, it will list all of the cheapest ores in order grouping them by stack size. It will list all the stacks of 1 ore first before displaying any other stack sizes despite price. This is odd because when I am listing by either buy each or percent, I could have thorium ores at 1g for example covering my front page but only when I scroll to the 15th page will I see that there is in fact a stack of 200 ore selling for only 20s each.

    This is rather time consuming when I am trying to do quick math to see if it is cost efficient to buy the mats to make and resell certain enchants or flasks.

    I read in another thread that you guys have the search function and I tried it out but it is over complex and very time consuming. I needed to save each item as an individual profile and then load it and on top of that hit search again just to list the items - and then it does not even show price per item so I still need to do some quick calculations but all in all is about as time consuming as just flipping through the pages on the browse tab.

    I was wondering if there is a way to just have the items listed in order of cheapest per unit regardless of stack size on the browse page as that seems the most efficient and useful. Hoping someone can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  • Just click on the column you want to sort by, and pick which price listing you want...
  • On the Browse panel you can use the per item price checkbox and sort by price, or if only one item is being displayed sorting by percent would give the same result.

    However, in both cases Auctioneer can only sort items on the current page, as the server doesn't support these sorts.
  • User Auctionator or TSM for buying, selling, searching like that, they handle it much better. Best improvement is they collapse same seller/size/price auctions into 1 line.
  • 1. the Browse tab is not Auctioneer.
    it's Blizzard's UI even if you have the Compact UI skin enabled. If you see a "next page"/"prev page" button - then you're using the Blizzard search (yes, even if it has a Compact UI skin applied - it's just a colourful interface skin but not much improvement on the default UI otherwise)
    Auctioneer does not have pages.

    Use the Search tab -> Searchers -> General or any of the other searchers in there and search in either bid mode or buy mode (if there's such a checkbox - some search modules do not have one). Sort on bid/buy price per item.

    If you don't see the 'per item' columns then SCROLL RIGHT in the Auctioneer Search UI and move the column headers for this to the front (right click on the column header and drag it while keeping the right mouse button pressed).
    Save the search settings too - the last used saved column order is loaded at logon.

    On the General search page, use the small "whirlwheel" button instead of the big search button next to it.. the small button runs a partial scan of the AH to refresh the local AH cache before searching for items.

    2(@morfraen)... Blizzard requires a hardware event for each buying action... those addons still require manual confirmation when buying each stack from those lists, though, i admit, collapsing all similar sales from a single seller into a single line looks a lot better than seeing a WALL of identical 1-item stacks from the same seller.

    P.S. Can we PLEASE NUKE the Compact UI skin by default already from the Browse tab? At least leave it available but do not enable it by default since it brings more confusion than utility... but imho it would be better to remove it completely from the Browse tab.

    I think that this is the millionth question during all these years that confuses the Blizzard UI with the Auctioneer UI. Because the Compact UI skin re-arranges the looks of Blizzard's Browse tab people expect it to provide new functionality too.
  • Ya you still need to spam click, or in the case of TSM just spin your mouse wheel to generate 'clicks'. Collapsing down same listings though is the only way to make the AH usable, especially the way people are intentionally spamming thousands of singles to make it unusable.
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