Problem with Beancounter not recording sales
  • Hi there; Love Auctioneer and Beancounter for all my auction house needs. That said, I've run into a small problem. Beancounter does a good job in keeping track of fall my purchases/buyout, but it does not seem to register any of my sales. Any idea why that is? I've tried both the stable and the alpha releases of Auctioneer Suite. Thanks!
  • Are you sure it's not recording _any_? For me it's recording some but not all. Let me ask, are you using any mailbox addons? There may be issues with Beancounter interacting with them.
  • Yes, I use postal, but that's the only one.
  • Seconded - I've been using Auctioneer and Postal for years, first two addons I ever loaded. Never had a problem with it before. Since the update and wipe, *most* of the items I'm getting back from the AH aren't being recorded as failed.
  • Also... how are you recording the bug? I have noticed that the Beancounter panel doesn't always display the exact results, but the "sales" "failed" figures in beancounter in appraiser are usually better, does this match your results?
  • Out of a few dozen sales, Beancounter has only registered one.
  • Having the same problem, also have Auctioneer and Postal. Most items claim I have never listed them ever, some have a handful of entries. I would guess maybe 5% of listings get recorded.

    I get back 200+ auctions per day, I'm really not willing to disable Postal and go back to clicking through them manually. So I guess this means I don't get Beancounter until this is fixed.
  • Yes, but are looking at the Beancounter tab or "succeeded/failed" counts in the Appraiser tab? For me they give different results.
  • This is the beancounter window.
  • Nod. For the same item compare the "Beancount" numbers in Appraiser. I suspect that they are a lot closer to the truth and it's a Beancounter window display issue. (It's hard to be sure yet though.)
  • You're right, appraiser has the right numbers. Beancounter's simply not displaying them.
  • Turning on the debug output, I get a large number of 'failed mailsort' messages. Seems to occur mostly after emptying mailbox and loading a new page of mail. Possibly some data throttling issues like the GetItemInfo one.
  • Same here. Been driving me crazy. I picked up 15 Titansteel a couple days ago. I sold 6 of them yesterday and checked Beancounter. Did a search in the Beancounter window for Titansteel and the purchase came up but not the sales. More of them sold today, did the same with the same results. I know Beancounter picks up some of my sales, because there are a number of "Auc Successful" lines but there are also a ton of missing sales and it says I have lost a few thousand during its range when I know I have made several thousand. My only other mail addon is Postal and I have even tried messing with the timings to no avail.
  • Ok, so there's definitely an issue with the Beancounter tab. There _may_ still be a problem with recording some auctions which might be to do with throttling, just not as often as people think. My proof of this is auctions I bought for disenchanting not displaying a reason, note this is probably 5% of auctions, not all the time.
  • that has always been the case. IIRC, sometimes the mail with the item doesn't include any/all the important AH manifest info that we use because of blizzard server issues. once that happens, there's no way to get it, so the item will just display without reason info. 5% of the time or less is about right for the historical average for this problem.

    I don't know if this is the same issue being described above, but it doesn't sound like it.
  • "note this is probably 5% of auctions, not all the time."

    My experience has been that Beancounter now only WORKS about 5% of the time. In particular, weapons and armor ALL have NO recorded data. I don't think there is a single item which has more than 50% of the entries it should.
  • Samus, have you read the full thread? There seems to be a definite display issue with the Beancounter tab, but if you look at the Succeeded/ Failed counts in Appraiser for the same items they actually have data, so it's still being recorded just not displaying properly.
  • Maybe I am retarded, but the Appraiser tab I see functions nothing like what you describe. It is redundant with the "Post" tab, a different method of helping you post items. On the left, it shows all items currently in your inventory. On the right, it shows listings currently on the AH for the selected item. It is not possible in any way on this tab to show any Succeeded/Failed counts from your own past auctions. Is there some other "Appraiser" you are talking about or is your Appraiser completely different from mine?
  • No, the Appraiser tab has a "Beancount" section on the right, from the Beancount Match util which uses Beancounter data to adjust pricing, it has succeeded and failed data points. It's possible it isn't enabled by default, I'm not sure...
  • I have no such "Beancount" section on the right. There is a possible "sidebar" which does not contain this information. None of the settings for Appraiser or Beancounter allow for the adding of what you describe.
  • It's in the sidebar.
    It the settings go to "Match Modules" and enable "Beancount"
  • If I have this right now, it only shows total number of successes and failures, correct? It does not list individual past listings, or the amount they sold or failed to sell for.

    What I have used Beancounter for in the past is for rarely listed items (such as armor and weapons), since all forms of suggested price are highly unreliable. I simply reduce the price until it sells. But now I can't know what the last price was that it failed to sell for, and Auctioneer/Undermine Journal/every other source are just certain that level 20 rare shield goes for 5k gold.
  • Samus, I know the Beancounter tab is still necessary, I'm just pointing out that the data _is_ being stored correctly, it's a display issue. The Beancount matcher (if you choose to use it) slightly automates the process you are doing by reducing the price for each failed auction and slightly increasing it for each successful auction, but it's a bit simple in that it just looks at success and failure, not the prices. We will fix the Beancounter Tab, just reassuring you that the data collection is still working.
  • Ah, right. My interpretation above was that you could use Appraiser to view the same data, which I guess was my mistake.
  • Just a small update, I now realize this is NOT a display issue (for me at least). Appraiser is only showing the same thing Beancounter is showing, and so claiming I have never bought/listed items which I have many times.
  • Hi Samus, I've noticed myself a few times that items I've gotten out of the mailbox are stuck "Still Retrieving Information" for a long time after they are in my bags. These Beancounter probably wasn't able to read. I don't know why it would be affecting _everything_ for you though.
  • Well, I do have some listings for some items. But you are right, I don't think I have a single item which has all the listings it should.

    I looked at the mailbox overflow thing a bit myself, but I have many times cleared my mailbox and then cancelled a few auctions, and the newly cancelled auctions are usually not recorded. I honestly can find no real pattern to it except that weapons, armor, and crafting patterns are almost never recorded.
  • Hmm, another thought... Do you disconnect very often instead of logging out by yourself? Often, now, I disconnect as soon as I try and access the auction house, before I even try to scan, this renders all the Beancounter information from the stuff I just got out of the mailbox useless as it isn't saved.
  • I haven't had disconnection problems, no.

    The impression I got from others was that everyone with this problem also has the Postal add-on. The best theory I have right now is that when you open your mailbox, both Beancounter and Postal race to look at all the items. Much of the time, Postal is faster, marking many items as "read" before Beancounter gets a chance to record anything. Beancounter then passes over mail as if it has already been recorded.
  • disconnecting also shouldn't cause you to lose information - the long delay when you disconnect is due to the game writing out all the SV data. the only time you should lose data is if the game hard crashes to desktop, or if you manually close the game if you think it is "hanging". if you make it back to the char selection screen naturally, your SV data should be fine. (of course, if there were blizzard issues at the mailbox or whatever, the data itself may be suspect, but there's nothing we can do about that.)
  • that postal issue *shouldn't* be the case, but it's been a long time since I looked at the code. postal also has a lot of users, so i think this issue would be more prevalent if that were really the issue. hard to say for sure though, we'll have to investigate more.
  • Still a great addon, but my beancounter is not recording items that did sale. That worked some time ago (year), but not anymore. I can see some failed autionc in there, but no sold stuff..

    Using the standard mailbox. Also when opening the mailbox I see Beancounter is recording stuff.
  • Ok, I have some numbers... I posted exactly 100 Card of Omens. All expired and came back in mail (Using Postal). I have 64 Failed Auctions listed, not 100. These were all posted and received back at the same times, so there is no other environmental effect from different logins or timeouts or anything.
  • Blink. New numbers and a hint of what's really happening... The same items have come around again... Now I have 36 failed and 64 succeeded. _Still_ 100 total, but it should be _200_ total... So it's _rewriting_ the output based on the current session instead of just adding to it.
  • I'm a newb at understanding auctioneer thought I've been using it for a few years. Bean counter is definitely not recording sales. I had put several iridescent pearls up for sale a few times, different stack amounts. I sold several in this past mail collection and some didn't sell but bean counter did not record ANY of the sales.
    I read a previous comment about the appraiser tab; it isn't showing any sales either.
  • Thank you all for your patience... There are a number of problems with fixing this:
    1) It's intermittent, it doesn't happen all the time in a repeatable way, so it's hard to debug.
    2) It takes 2 days for auctions to work through the system (and we have very many auctions), so it's hard to even remember reliably the results you're looking for. If you happen to crash at any point the whole time is wasted.
  • I've just come back to Wow after 2 years of not playing. I used to really enjoy hanging out at the Auction House, seeing if I could find some nice deals and selling them for more than what I paid. However, I'm experiencing major issues with Beancounter; it is not recording any sales for me at the moment. That takes the fun right out playing if I can't remember how much I paid for stuff that I sold.
    There are no error messages returned.
    I have seen other people reporting issues with Beancounter while using Postal, which I use as well. However, disabling Postal did not seem to alleviate the problem. I have had Postal disabled when buying at the AH, recording mailbox for sales etc, and it didn't make a difference, still no sales recorded. Purchased, cancelled and expired auctions do get recorded, but I'm not sure if Beancounter gets all of them.
    Any update on progress?
  • Unfortunately it's really hard to debug as none of the developers are having the _extreme_ version of the problem where nothing is recorded. I have _some_ problems, but nowhere near everything... While that's good for me it also makes it really hard for me to work out where the problem is happening... We haven't forgotten about it, but noone has had a good idea on how to work it out yet. Sorry/.
  • I'm wondering... How often do you get the chat message "Please wait while Beancounter verifies auctions." or whatever it is? I get it _sometimes_. If you are getting it everytime a page loads in mail that could be where the problem is...
  • I'm having the same problem, BeanCounter not recording successful or failed auctions. I saw that a few people also having issues use Auctioneer and Postal, so i deleted Postal and have been opening manually. It's still not counting anything (almost, same as other people, it's only working about 5% of the time). I turned on the debug, and as soon as i open the mailbox, I get 50 messages saying

    "BeanCounterMail We had an Auction mail that failed mailsort(). Subject: Retrieving data at index 1"

    The messages are exactly the same for index 1-50.
  • I'm playing around with debug now.

    One question, have you tried validating your database? (In the Beancounter settings) perhaps it's happening to some people more because their database is corrupt?
  • Battlepets fail differently. "Searching DB for itemID.. Grump Failed Item does not exist in the name array"
  • The "failed mailsort" message comes up when BeanCounter doesn't recognise the subject on the mail. In this case "Retrieving data" - sounds like BeanCounter is trying to read the mail before it is ready.

    (edit) Potential fix has been uploaded to SVN.
  • Yeah, i validated the database, and it found no errors.

    I've only really used apps like curse to install my addons I used to use wowmatrix before they got shut down by curse. So, here's my nub question of the day, what's the SVN and how do i get this potential fix? lol
  • brykrys, it looks better, it's got a few more items picked up today and the error is gone. Will need more testing. The problem with battlepets is still there.
  • Heh, the battlepet problem is reported a bit better now actually, when collecting them from the mail it brings up the "Pet Cage" text, but the problem is really the general link handling, they fail being registered when first posting them because itemLink is nil.
  • Yes, the battlepet problem is a totally different animal. as I recall from last time I dug into BeanCounter, it relies on the normal itemlink format in various different places, and the battlepet links just break everything.

    One thing is the way itemlinks are chopped up and stored in different places to reduce the space they take up - part of the link get stored in the "name array", as reported in the error message - but not sure how that would be applied to battlepet links.

    It should be noted that BeanCounter also doesn't handle connected realms properly.
  • Hi Brykrys,
    Just wondering about how the fix works... When it says it's "skipping mails" does it retry automatically or do you have to close and open the mailbox?
  • The fix was just to modify what BeanCounter looks for to work out a mail is not ready - what it does with that mail is old code, but I figured it waits for the next MAIL_INBOX_UPDATE event and retries it then.

    Previously BeanCounter looked for a subject field containing "" to detect an incomplete mail. Now it looks like you get "Retrieving data" instead, so BeanCounter needs to watch for that - in every language. I'm hoping RETRIEVING_DATA is the right globalstring for that...

    We really need a few people with non-English clients to check if it works for them.
  • Thanks brykrys.

    Everyone who has this problem, can you please test this and write back with your results? We need to know if it's fixed completely or not.
  • Frown. Battlepets are really ugly, moreso because they have multiple different formats...
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