New Gatherer 7.0.0 version released
  • Folks,

    I have pushed a new release version of Gatherer 7.0.0 to the site, including the recent Legion fixes added by our devs.

    Please head over there to download and test this version, and let us know if there are any issues. (It's my first time pushing this build, so I hope there won't be any issues, but if so here's your chance to find them!)

    I'm still working to get the permissions I need to push the release to CG and WOWI, FYI.

  • would be nice to also include the german localization updates:

    ...anyway great work done for this release!
    Thank you very much for all the work done.
  • Is there any estimate as to when there will be a new scrape for GathererDB? Last one was in 2013...

    Thanks for the update, was getting desperate :D
  • No estimates yet.
  • when I mouse over recorded ore spots on the map, the tooltip does only display a green square instead of the ore icon
  • I've got most of the Spanish translations to make it work in Spanish clients. Is there any repo I can PR or should I send you them another way? Thanks!
  • The normal path for node name translations is that we just get them from wowhead. but since that isn't ready yet, if you post them here (and if you do it pretty quickly), I'll try to insert them manually into the next release build.
  • I won't be at home until an hour or two. I'll post you them ASAP but if you have to do a release do it. You could add them in the next release :D
  • nah I can wait a few hours.
  • Here you go!

    -- Warlords
    ["Depósito de verahierro"] = 228493,
    ["Depósito rico en verahierro"] = 228510,
    ["Depósito de roca negra"] = 228563,
    ["Depósito rico en roca negra"] = 228564,
    ["Verbesina"] = 228571,
    ["Adelfilla"] = 228572,
    ["Atrapamoscas de Gorgrond"] = 228573,
    ["Estelaria"] = 228574,
    ["Saeta de Nagrand"] = 228575,
    ["Orquídea de Talador"] = 228576,
    ["Hierba marchita"] = 243334,

    ["Hallazgo arqueológico de los clanes de Draenor"] = 226521,
    ["Hallazgo arqueológico de los arakkoa"] = 234105,
    ["Hallazgo arqueológico de los ogros"] = 234106,

    -- Legion
    ["Aethril"] = 244774, -- 124101
    ["Hojasueño"] = 244776, -- 124102
    ["Flor de raposa"] = 241641, -- 124103
    ["Fjarnskaggl"] = 244777, -- 124104
    ["Rosa luz estelar"] = 244778, -- 124105

    ["Depósito de piedra Ley"] = 241726, -- 123918
    ["Depósito rico en piedra Ley"] = 245324,
    ["Veta de piedra Ley"] = 253280,

    ["Depósito de Pizarra vil"] = 241743, -- 123919
    ["Depósito rico en pizarra vil"] = 245325,
    ["Veta de pizarra vil"] = 255344,

    ["Hallazgo arqueológico de los tauren Monte Alto"] = 246804,
    ["Hallazgo arqueológico demoníaco"] = 246812,
    ["Hallazgo arqueológico de los Altonato"] = 256811, -- Cannot confirm this one
  • The green squares in the tooltip are a known bug that Blizzard is working on. There is nothing we can do to work around it.
  • is this esES or esMX (or both)?

    [edit: I just put it in both.]
  • In class hall:

    unable to identify the following zones:

    garrisonsmvalliance_tier3 (971)
  • @dinesh I tested this with esES. Most of them should work with esMX but sometimes some of the strings are slightly different.
  • zone 971 appears to have a couple of different names, and only shows up sometimes.
    There is something very weird going on with it, and I'll have to do some debugging to figure it out.
  • Oh finally new release! :D

    I'm not sure WoWhead does supported zhTW(TW Realm) I didn't see Traditional Chinese in their locale I don't think you guys can get the locale from there.

    (Their client now can't recognize my zhTW client/WoW installation at all, and does see the data but try to upload them it reports they're Private server data since they didn't supported it at all. Nice job, Wowhead guys, make zhTW/enTW official Realm as private server. LOL)

    Is it possible to put a list about missing locale data?(I remember Esamynn did put the file for asking missing locale strings so I can check those missing one by one if possible)
  • I'm not quite sure what you're asking.

    If you provide a list of node translations for your locale, I will manually add it to Gatherer until we get something "official" from wowhead. similar to what was done above for esES.
  • I feel I'm so stupid since all missing node names already wrote in GatherNodes.lua...
    (And since I don't know how to made new missing nodes showed in-game so I can't sure I hope I don't mistake something...)

    zhTW locale translations for WOD and Legion nodes:


    -- Missing Node Names
    ["真鐵礦床"] = 228493,
    ["豐沃的真鐵礦床"] = 228510,
    ["黑石礦床"] = 228563,
    ["豐沃的黑石礦床"] = 228564,
    ["霜草"] = 228571,
    ["火草"] = 228572,
    ["格古隆德捕蠅草"] = 228573,
    ["星辰花"] = 228574,
    ["納葛蘭箭矢花"] = 228575,
    ["塔拉多爾蘭花"] = 228576,
    ["鑲銀寶箱"] = 207472,
    ["結實的寶箱"] = 207484,
    ["黑鐵寶箱"] = 207498,
    ["絲質寶箱"] = 207512,
    ["楓木寶箱"] = 207529,
    ["符文寶箱"] = 207533,
    ["瑪瑙蛟蛋"] = 214945,
    ["德拉諾氏族考古學文物"] = 226521,
    ["阿拉卡考古學文物"] = 234105,
    ["巨魔考古學文物"] = 234106,
    ["枯萎的草藥"] = 243334,

    -- Legion, incomplete
    ["紫地根草"] = 244774, -- 124101
    ["幻夢草"] = 244776, -- 124102
    ["狐花"] = 241641, -- 124103
    ["鬼燈果"] = 244777, -- 124104
    ["星輝玫瑰"] = 244778, -- 124105

    ["脈石礦床"] = 241726, -- 123918
    ["豐沃的脈石礦床"] = 245324,
    ["脈石礦層"] = 253280,

    ["魔岩礦床"] = 241743, -- 123919
    ["豐沃的魔岩礦床"] = 245325,
    ["魔岩礦層"] = 255344,

    ["高嶺牛頭人考古文物"] = 246804,
    ["惡魔考古學文物"] = 246812,
    ["精靈貴族考古學文物"] = 256811,

  • These are now added to SVN and will be pushed in the next release build.

  • Hi, I want to update some strings for zhTW, I found it's not right recently...and I keep forgot for checking again and report...

    ["高嶺牛頭人考古發現"] = 246804,
    ["惡魔考古學發現"] = 246812,
    ["精靈貴族考古學發現"] = 256811,

    Yeah, Legion Archaeology object names in zhTW is different from pre-Legion ones, and I'm not sure I did misread those names or the name changed in between Blizzard's patches...

    Since there is no database site for zhTW anymore( was dead for years, has no Legion strings since its last data update was last year and Wowhead didn't support zhTW) so I'm sorry I have to ask update these strings after 3 months later. :(
  • This has been updated in SVN, and will push with the next release.
  • @ dinesh : I noticed the node string of 246804 I were posted just miss a character caused Gatherer fails to show that node, it should be like this.

    ["高嶺牛頭人考古學發現"] = 246804,

    Please fix it or it won't works. I apologize about my silly typo. :)
  • This has been fixed in SVN, and will be in the next release.
  • Hi, I want to provide the updated zhTW strings for Legion Archaeology, again.

    ["高嶺牛頭人考古學文物"] = 246804,
    ["惡魔考古學文物"] = 246812,
    ["精靈貴族考古學文物"] = 256811,

    ...whoever(Blizzard TW or somebody got the WoW:Legion translate job for zhTW) decided translated "find" to "發現", not "文物" like the old Archaeology nodes in zhTW locale should be get fired or something bad. :p

    (Since the 7.3 still LONG way to go and it'll be a while for providing new strings for 7.3 new nodes even it goes live so I don't want to just wait to the time of 7.3 launches to report this...)
  • This has been added and will be in the next release.
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