Problems with Gatherer in Spanish (ESMX) version
  • This is one of the most useful addons ever made, and thats why im here XD

    In the Spanish version of the game, actually im on ESMX version, the nodes from Legion are not being saved in the database, i tried changing the name of some of them but still doesn't save them on the addon.

    If i can help someway to solve this, just let me know, but i really want to use Gatherer and its not working for us.

    tks for your time!
  • I didnt mention it in the main post, but some of the names from the EsES version are not the same that the ones in the EsMX version, but, even changing them still not works.
  • Yes, we don't have all the translations yet (partly because wowhead still doesn't have all of them yet).
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