buy masses, with a single click?

  • There is a feature that I can buy up all objects below a certain price per object? (With a single click?)

    e.g. all XXX ores from 0 - 42 gold buying immediately?!
  • Sorry, but Blizzard requires that a separate mouse action for each buying action, so each Auction needs it's own button press.
  • Or if you use TSM, it's own buffered click from spinning the mousewheel.
  • ??? Spinning the mousewheel shouldn't work. Sounds like Blizzard might have a bug to fix.
  • No bug, mousewheel clicks are the same as mouse button clicks.
  • I would agree with that, both are hardware events. But if it's allowing buffering, that would be a problem.
  • I ever tried to imagine why Blizzard requires a (mandatory) "hardware action" to each AH post (btw bypassable using Windows' AutoIt or Mac's Sikulix) and leaves mail addons free to "download all" (e.g. much more than the single 50 mails a batch): I absolutely agree about not to change WoW into a "bots game" but which is the very difference from, e.g. Postal and Auctioneer? they're not "moving/traveling" nor "combat" tools.

    That apart, I'm seeing addons like Postal having checkboxes at items' left side: if one can't "buy all the items under 42g" in a single hit, like sieben asked, is it possible to add (optional) checkboxes to pre-select the items to buy, and to modify the [Buy] button to work "batch like" (as a Buy-all-selected)? (the same for Bid, obviously ;-))
    (it's some time I wish to ask about them, hope I'm not hijacking the thread)
  • No, it's not possible. As mentioned, every purchase requires a hardware event at the time you request the purchase.

    If other addons allow the mousewheel to buffer and uses them after you've stopped actually scrolling, that would (to me) be a violation of Blizzard's wishes (and frankly I don't know how they would even achieve it given the API). More likely they are just using each scrollwheel advance in real time and just sending purchase requests quickly to take advantage of them. This would work fine for items on a single page, but would have to pause every time you need to change pages. You can (I think) also already do this for auctioneer by just binding your mouse scroll to the confirmation accept event. Been a while since I looked at that code though.
  • Ya, it only buys 50 at a time so likely limited by the page. Key is it does it basically as fast as blizzard allows, no time waiting for a popup to spam accept on for each purchase.
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