Enchantrix question
  • I couldn't find this in the FAQ or forum, so I thought I would just throw this one out there and hope that I could get some direction on this...

    I disenchant close to 500 items a day, does enchantrix do mass DEing where I dont have to click 500 times? If not, is there a place I don't know about that I should be looking for?

  • Hi, unfortunately DEing an item requires a hardware event, so it will always require you to either click or press a key or something.
    That is a Blizzard restriction we cannot work around, my apologies.
  • that is pretty unfortunate. I hate that we can mass produce anything, but we can't mass DE those products.

    Oh well, thank you for your reply!
  • Yeah, it's a pain.
    Are you using the "Automagic" part of Enchantrix? I find that helps a bit. You still have to click things, but it helps select them.
    (I change the settings depending on whether I am disenchanting things from the AH or stuff I've crafted. Be careful you don't accidently DE things you want to keep though, it's possible if you aren't paying attention.)
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