Appraiser option in Resale Searcher
  • I've been having trouble with the Resale searching recommending some items that end up losing money, or not being saleable because they are less than vendor price.

    I have Appraiser set up to use "The Undermine Journal" first and "Market Price" second.

    Looking at the tooltip, TUJ says this item is worth 60g while Market Price is 550g.

    When doing a Resale search it is skipping my first choice of TUJ and looking at Market Price, it thinks the items are worth 550g, so it recommends buying them.
    When I go to sell them it _does_ use TUJ and puts them up for only 60g resulting in a loss.

    So the problem is that (within the Resale Searcher) Appraiser is sometimes skipping the first choice even though a price does exist. I'm not sure whether this is solely a TUJ issue or not.

    I'm sure it's influencing things more than this 1 item, it's just the difference is big enough in this case for it to be obvious.
  • Appraiser Price should only fall back to the alt price if the first price is 0 or nil.

    Resale only supports 1 price model, so make sure it is set to Appraiser - or maybe just set it to TUJ.
  • I've set it to TUJ now. I know it _should_ fall back only when 0 and the tooltip shows a TUJ price so it isn't 0. What I'm wondering is if there is something weird about accessing TUJ from within Resale/Appraiser that doesn't behave the same as normal. I'll have to try and debug it. Given the prices reported by Resale I am 100% sure it was purchased using the Market price.
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