Disenchanting Epics has changed
  • I have been making war hide bindings and disenchanting them for weeks, the blues (ilvl 785) go to leylight shards and the Epics, which proc at about 1/8, (Ilvl 795) disenchant to chaos crystals, until like 3 days ago.

    Now the epics are giving leylight shards like 85% of the time, I disenchanted 7 epics, and got 6 shards and 1 crystal.

    Has Blizz done something, and will enchantrix be update as it still is showing the original chaos crystal x 1
  • That does sound like Blizzard changed (or broke) something.
    We'll have to get more data to see what the new yields are.
  • Apparently the percentage chances for Legion disenchants are also based on the person's enchant skill lvl.
  • Yes, if you are lower than 700 skill, you should expect lower quality yields. Reduced yields at lower levels has been around since WoD. Unfortunately, Enchantrix cannot predict the reduced results (too many variables, not enough reliable data), only the results for a skilled enchanter.
  • My numbers are close to yours video... I just DEed 10 and got 2 chaos crystals.
  • Kinesia - don't forget that the yield also depends on the item iLevel.
  • I forgot to check that, sorry... They were purple and Enchantrix was reporting a 100% chance of chaos crystals. My Enchanting level is 737
  • item level, not your enchanting level.

    the rule was that Legion purple items below ilvl 750 disenchant as degraded (blues).. my guess is that probably Blizzard changed 750 to 800 for this rule
  • Hi Tom, I understood, but Enchantrix was still reporting 100%, so despite me not checking properly the reports were still wrong.
  • Item level 795, so it might be an 800 limit.
  • You're getting mixed results, and previously it was all leyshards below item level 750 and all chaos crystals about 750.

    We're going to need a lot of results from different item levels, by someone with high level enchanting, to figure out the new yields.
  • Hmmm. With reduced skilled enchanters... It might be worth assuming a "minimum risk" policy when things are over 100 below the required skill level. Assuming, at that point, that everything will have the lower quality result.
  • There's other weirdness... A 795 Epic (Collected from a purple chest, upgraded by roll). Enchantrix was reporting it would disenchant into a Temporal Crystal which seemed totally wrong. It made a Shard instead. Not sure why it would've said Temporal Crystal, the level is totally wrong.
  • Given the level restriction limits in Enchantrix... I have a level 70 with 450 enchanting that I use for auctioning and enchanting on one server. I _really_ don't want these epics turning up. Thinking about it... It's just a technicality that they can be DEed at 0, you can never get the real value at that level so it shouldn't count.
  • Has any progress been made on this issue?
  • I'm trying to get yield data, again, for epics. But that's not a fast process.
    (it was a bit easier when the beta servers were all active and had a lot of stuff on the AH)
  • Thought people had figured it was 10% now?
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