Tooltip alignment
  • In earlier versions, the tooltip box was right-aligned with the standard tooltip above, but in the 7.x versions, the tooltip is centered below the standard tooltip.
    But the centering means, that if the Auctioneer tooltip box is bigger than the standard tooltip, the Auc tooltip overlaps the mouse cursor and thereby hiding what is beneath the cursor.

    I find that behavior a little annoying, so is there anyway I can get the tooltip back to being right-aligned with the standard tooltip?
  • Not currently. It was aligned before because the tooltips were resized to match each other. Blizzard broke that.
  • Had the same problems too, and it wasnot "annoying" only: I had real difficult to see the numbers under the lower tooltip and, as they usually are gains/losses about upgrades items, I've to use Pawn to compare them: the Blizzard's tooltip-compare tool seems a little screwed up by the actual behavior, while previous right-alignment didn't give problems at all.
    If it's not an Auctioneer's problem, maybe it's devs may talk to Blizzard's ones about that.
  • We have already talked to Blizzard about it, but Blizzard works on their own schedule.
  • Could you detect when a tooltip will be off the bottom and put it above the blizzard tip instead of anchoring below?
  • Yes I have the same problem. I have a screenshot.

    It is really annoying in the leveling phase.
  • We are testing a workaround for that problem.
    But the workaround sometimes introduces other problems (which I hope aren't too common).
    And Blizzard is still fixing some of their code.
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