EasyBuyout in Snatch Window
  • In Config > Util Modules > EasyBuyout it is possible to enable EasyBuyout so that a right-click buys out an auction without the usual confirmation dialog box. When buying all of those pesky single-item auctions this is a godsend. However, the feature only seems to work on the Browse (normal) AH tab. It doesn't seem to work in the (Auctioneer) Search tab — so cannot be used for saves Snatches, for example. Does anyone know if this is a bug, and oversight, or intended?

    (BTW: Really happy that Auctioneer is working again — thanks devs!)
  • Intended, but only because Blizzard forces it.*

    All auction purchases require a hardware event. On the browse screen, the item you want to buy is on the current browse screen (duh), so the right click can be that hardware event.

    On the search tab, we don't know what's on the browse screen currently. When you tell the search screen you want to buy something, the first thing we have to do is tell the browse screen to bring that auction up. If there are multiple pages of the item, we may have to page through the listings until the right auction is there. Only once it's there can we tell the API that we are ready to buy. Unfortunately, that is the time when the hardware event needs to happen, so that is why we bring up the confirmation dialog at that point.

    * We can't avoid all blame though. One of the reasons they force it is that in the distant past one of the auctioneer features was an unattended, auto-purchasing thing, which briefly made auctioneer users a lot of gold, before Blizzard asked us to stop doing it, then later required the hardware event to force the issue.
  • Ok, thanks for the clarification!
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