• Let me say, Auctioneer is the kind of addon one can't live without, if seriously working with Auction House.
    I'm using it since years and it never failed me, I have what I need: a CLEAR view of what interest to me when I've to post the single item or even thousand ones. That's not what every addon gives to a player.
    Every time Blizzard releases a new expansion I'm scared (some times horrified, even :D) about the addons I'll have to update, IF they'll can be updated, IF they'll work in the new scenario... with Auctioner that's a no-problem. Just to say how serious I feel the dev team about it.

    So, the reason of this post: there are other (few) "key addons" which one needs not to be broken or unmantained, the very first one (in need) is Carbonite: it's not "abandoned", but the main developer is tired, busy with real life things, we can't ask him more, really. He released the developing job to the community.
    That's why I thought to Norganna's devs: if you ever thought you may "take over" the development of other key addons, or even just to give an hand, Carbonite may be the one which could benefit about that. :-)

    To be completely clear: I'm not a developer (I know LUA just too few to do it) nor part of Carbonite's dev team. I'm just asking that to avoid a great addon have to die, and I'm just asking it here as I respect you as developers, looking at the so wonderful job you're doing on Auctioneer.
    I know you're busy, maybe you're not ever so busy and can give a look at that. ;-)

  • Carbonite, man that's old school. Pretty sure if you looked you could find active mods that replace most of what it provides.
  • It's "old school" for sure but, as I'm sure you know, "don't fix what it's working": Carbonite it's up to date (7.0.3) and mostly working, it integrates exactly the things one (as me) needs: if one needs more, or other, there's plenty of addons.
    As Auctioneer, it have been modularized and localized: it only needs some help in developing as the modules are many and the actual lead dev's time is few, nothing more.

    Last but not least: it's very key feature is the Map (and quest's integration). When it didn't work, in the early release times of Draenor and Legion, as I was (really) desperate, I searched for at least Map's replacement... found nothing comparable, as I'm using it "explorer style" and to optimize my travels. There are maps' handlers, but not like Carbonite, I'm sorry. That's why I'm asking here, in the hope of some help for it's dev team: Auctioneer is complex and modularized, it's dev team is really valuable, from what I can see using the addon. Maybe they have the time and the will to help, or not, let's see. :-)
  • I'm going to agree with Elwe. There is one very important thing that Elwe did not mention and that is Carbonite's Warehouse module. It's one thing I just can't imagine being without while playing WoW.

    Warehouse allows users to see every item in the banks and reagent banks on each and every one of their characters, at any time and place, without having to visit the bank. It's shown in its own screen display area (upon demand). Warehouse shows the actual number (count) of each item in the bank (and tells you which alt character has them), which is indispensable for users who work with Professions.

    While standing in the Auction House, using the Auctioneer addon, users can find out if they already have any 'desired' items before purchasing them, needlessly, which often saves gold and time. Plus, Warehouse is "searchable" within its own screen display.
  • Well, I don't want to speak for anyone else, but at the moment we have very few auctioneer developers ourselves.

    If any of them want to chip in on Carbonite, or any other addon, they are welcome to it. But my guess is that most of the few of us remaining are already pressed for wow time.

    Just want to help set expectations here.
  • Viewing all characters bags, bank etc... is also done by Altoholic and TSM.
  • Speaking of personal experience here - Altoholic is a bit of a hit and miss lately... it's not quite maintained anymore, just patched so that it doesn't cause errors at load.

    Altoholic has a great search interface but often tracks items wrongly (learned crafting professions especially - i have tailoring/enchanting on my priest and Altoholic will often tell me that a BS or LW pattern is known by my priest - WTF?!).

    Altoholic's auction items counter/tracker is especially silly when tracking posted auctions, it's always off-by-one item and if i list an item once it PERMANENTLY considers it as listed for sale even if the auction has expired and i visited both AH (active auctions tab) and the mailbox to collect the item - it still considers that item as listed for sale - auction tracking in Altoholic is so inaccurate that i disabled the Datastore_Auctions module completely... it's pointless to keep it enabled.

    TSM tracking sometimes misses a few items too, but not even close to the rate that Altoholic misses stuff.

    for me, Auctioneer's only useful point at the moment is the nice search & browsing interface.

    to compensate for those tracking isues, i have installed the Armory addon to supplement those two.. so practically at the moment i'm running three item tracking addons at the same time (Altoholic, Armory, TSM). This way at least 2 out of 3 addons will agree on the tracking numbers.
  • Altoholic AH counter is fixed by turning off auto-expire auctions. And yes, it is in a bad state with lots of problems that need a major post-legion update.
  • @Dinesh I was nearly sure you devs here was really busy, that's why I didn't press at all. At least thanks for the answer. I hope you'll get more devs in your team, as what you're doing is crucial to everyone seriously working with AH (I can't imagine my bankers without Auctioneer).
    I also hope, for the future, you'll have time enough to look at Carbonite: I value it as muchas Auctioneer, on the "mapping" side. :-)

    @Kreelor: I know many players value Carbonite's Warehouse really much but, as the creator and main developers told, the "core" is still to the "map", second target is the "quest" module (AFAIK), then all the other tools.
    I'm sure you know Carbonite far better than me but, if I can imagine it without Warehouse, I just can't imagine it without Map or Quest. :-)
  • Hey, Elwe, take a look over here:

    The updates are showing up on Curse occasionally.
  • Elwe -- I don't use Carbonite's Quest Module. Instead, I use a 3rd-party (paid for) addon only because I like the concept of its user interface. No matter what the developers of that certain 3rd-party addon claim about their product as being "...always up-to-date...", that simply isn't true! Numerous errors and omissions exist, some of them dating back years! I suffer through it even though its user interface is often wrong or confusing.

    DanB -- Curse is not the "Official" home page for Carbonite and it may not always have the most recent revisions to Carbonite. The most recent revisions are always available at the GitHub link you provided. Carbonite is still a work in progress, for which I'm extremely grateful! I just wish its Warehouse included even more useful information.

    I'm extremely happy with the ongoing honesty, commitment, and timely updates provided by everyone involved with the Auctioneer Addon (Suite)!
  • Thanks, DanB, that's the usual link I'm updating it from, 'till the Curse update will work again (I don't think it will take that much time to have it back via Curse). :-)

    @Kreelor: I think this is not the place to discuss Carbonite's "internal" problems: I'm sure you know how things are going on, there, and why it's outdated in many of it's parts (but still usable).
    My *BIG* thanks to Rythal which kept it "at least working" through the last two expansions, which is more than I can ask to everyone works for free. :-)
    (thanks to IrcDirk, also, who is doing a great job nowadays with Legion)

    Further words, here, won't come from me but from Norganna's devs, if they'll think to.
  • Just to set the record straight... my comment was NOT about Carbonite's "internal problems." It was about the (other) 3rd-party addon. I was comparing the two addons.

    I'm done with topic, as well.
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