Feature Request: suggesting resources' stack sizes
  • I usually avoided, in the past, selling cooking resources (meats, eggs, etc.) or blacksmith/leatherworking ones (bones, teeth) different from metals or leathers. I'm doing it now, with Legion, as I'm seeing they worth the effort, as they're requested and nicely rewarded.

    One of the things I'm seeing I'm doing, recently, (and I'm not sure it worths the effort) it's looking into Wowhead the resources' amounts "mostly used" by recipes (that's for cooking, but I'm doing it for metals and leathers too) so to create "better stacks" when I sell them.
    Just to detail: if I have some "Fatty Bearsteak" to sell, I'll look into the "Reagent's for" tab (http://www.wowhead.com/item=124118/fatty-bearsteak#reagent-for) to see the recipes are using it: as I'm seeing 8 recipes uses 5 Bearsteak and 1 using 3 of it, I'll try to (batch) post stacks of 5 to ease the cooks' job (and my business too ;-)).

    If there was a "suggested stack size" into Auctioneer's appraiser, it can tooltip that "recipes/stacksize: 8/5, 1/3" or even set it directly by its own.

    1) is there yet a feature which can help me in this? (didn't find it)
    2) do you think it make sense to do that (by me), so even to develop (by you) a feature like this?
    3) if ((2) == true) { are you going to develop it? } ;-D

    As usual, it's not a key feature: Auctioneer yet have what one needs (and even more): it may be a nice to have.


    I was thinking about to have a checkbox, near to the stack size in appraiser, to check for having a suggestion for that single item (like the other checkboxes are working), which may override the default settings (below).

    And a configuration's section, e.g. "Resources stack suggestions" with some defaults:
    - no suggestions (disable all)
    - suggestions for:
    - all stackables
    - all resources
    - cooking
    - mining
    - skinning
    - alchemy
    - tailoring
    - don't change flag overrides
    (just in case one selects/deselects e.g. the whole "cooking" here and overrides the selection on single items)
    - don't change stacksize overrides
    (the same but for quantities, for obvious reasons)
    - output mode:
    - tooltip only
    - set the stack size's value
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