Gatherer 7.0.1 Drop Rates problem
  • Hi, its my first post here but I guess I need to warn about a little bug I have found. First though, I need to give a little explanation.

    Until recently I have being using GatherMate to mark my locations since gatherer was not updated in a long time. Now that Gatherer have been updated I downloaded it again and started using it.

    For some reason from the start it showed my nodes harvested previously, even though I had not installed it in almost 2 years and after at least 2 HD crashes on my side. I dont know if the database for it shares some compatibility with GatherMate so its only a guess om my part.

    The main issue I am having is that the tooltip when I place the mouse over one of the nodes icon on the map/minimap is that the part showing the droprates is not displaying the ores/gems icons like the old versions of Gatherer showed. Instead is showing a green square icon in place of the mat icon. The only exception is for the icon of Ancient Mana that I got from mining a node of leystone in Suramar.

    I tried cleaning the database of node using the internal config of the addon but the problem persist.

    I hope this little bug is fixed because those green squares destroy the beauty of the addon.
  • As noted in the release notes, the green square is a bug on blizzard's side, and we're waiting for them to fix it.
  • Thanks but where I see the release notes?
  • Forget it... I found it... dumb me...
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