Fast scan seems complete but complains is incomplete
  • I do a fast scan and the results (within the auction window) after the initial scan phase says that it scanned the all of the auctions it expected. Later once the other phases are complete the results in the chat box say that it missed auctions due to an incomplete scan. This stops expired/bought/cancelled auctions being removed from the database.
  • Yes, this happens when the server returns incomplete information (which appears to be a problem in the current WoW client code).
  • Sorry for resurrecting an old-ish post...
    As ccox have mentioned, the GetAll() function occasionally clip number of auctions returned... but In my non-scientific testing I found that it will almost always return full results as long as I keep WoW client window focused and on top of other windows. I used to have a habit of alt-tabbing while auctioneer did its thing, and alt-tab during scan for me always came up with incompletes. I stopped this habit now and 9 out of 10 scans come back as complete.
    I hope this information will correlate with someone else's experience.

    My server has about 30k auction house items for comparison.
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