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  • AutoMagic is auto selling my Sorcerous Water even though it's not on the list. I've added it and removed to make sure. The item number is 113262 and I was thinking maybe it got crossed up with another item. Where is the AutoMagic data stored? I tried to find the file but could not pin it down. Many files had reference to 113262. I also unloaded Auctioneer to make sure another addon wasn't selling it.
  • I found the issue. The item was found in a vendor search (SearchUI) and set to be auto vendored. I'm not sure if this is intended behavior as I often search for items to be vendored for a profit but this does not mean I always want to vendor these items. I would think that these vendor items would be cleared from the sell queue after they are sold. It may be hard to track that but again, I bought these items from the AH to be vendored but do not want them to always be vendored. The always vendor items I add to AutoMagic. Please advise.
  • Hmm, that's a tough one. One of the automation features is to automatically sell things you bought for vendoring, but there's no capacitation on that - we assume that if you bought it for vendoring once, then you have no use for it (or else you wouldn't have been buying it using the vendor searcher anyway), so it should always just get vendored.

    You might try buying it with a general search or some other searcher. That should/may make it so that it no longer registers as being bought for vendoring any more, so it won't get auto-sold.
  • I can still buy it with vendor search, I just have to turn off the auto-sell portion which is fine. I use the vendor search to make gold as peeps often list items on the AH for less than the vendor price, hence the vendor search. I only want to sell the items that are found because there is a profit, not necessarily because I have no use for it. The Sorcerous Water is a good example, I have a lot of it and use it for making enchants etc. Since I have so much I don't need to get more but don't want to get rid of what I have either. I also like to take advantage when peeps list this on the AH below the vendor price.
  • I understand, I'm just telling you that we don't have any concept of capacity in the reason code. When Sorcerous Water is marked as being purchased because of a vendor search, every single sorcerous water you have will be marked with that code. if you set automagic to automatically sell your vendor purchases, all of them will be sold. we don't bother trying to figure out how much you bought when, or how much you already had in your bags, or anything like that.

    Conceivably we could, but the cases where you would want to do that are slim.

    I do agree that someone listing something cheaply has the potential to accidentally cause you to sell an item you normally keep in stock, which can be a hassle, so maybe we need to make an interface to allow you to unmark a specific item for search reason codes. But I doubt we'll start including capacitation in the vendor searcher - there's just not a lot of bang for all the work it would take to do.
  • Would simply clearing the "items purchased using the vendor searcher" (SearchUI) at logout be reasonable. These items are not added to the AutoMagic always vendor lists so it shouldn't affect these lists. If not no worries. As I said I just turned off auto-sell items purchased using the vendor searcher.
  • BeanCounter stores the information on what the item was bought for. Really it should detect and record when items are vendored. There's some code in BeanCounter to do with Merchants, but it looks like it was never completed.

    From the BeanCounter display for an item, I think it is possible to manually change the 'bought for' reason for a line - useful if you only need to change one or two entries, but impractical for large numbers of entries.
  • in my years of using it, removing items from beancounter and automagic sell-to-vendor never worked... so instead of that i delete regularly the file beancounter.lua from savedvariables.

    as for in-game item removal from the list, if i select an item and press the "remove" button for an item when automagic offers to vendor a list of items then i expect that item to not be attempted to be sold again until i buy it again for vendoring....

    unfortunately that never happens, the "remove" button is not interpreted as "permanently remove the item from the sell-to-vendor list until further orders" and is only interpreted as "remove from the currently opened window"... if i close the vendor UI and open it again, then automagic tries to vendor again the item that i told it to remove from the sell-to-vendor list not even 20 seconds before.

    i have to use the Ignore button to permanently stop it from trying to sell something, but then another thing happens.. if i have in bags only vendorable but ignored items, the automagic sell-to-vendor window still opens and is full only of ignored items. In this case when i press the "continue" button, the automagic window will simply close without doing anything.

    oh, and since we're talking about items bought just to vendor... beancounter + automagic will consider different sized stacks as different items.

    if i buy a stack of 74 somethings to vendor and i later buy one item of the same item or a different size of stack, using directly the Blizzard UI or another searcher, without specifying a reason or using a reason different than vendor then beancounter + automagic will only attempt to vendor the stack of 74 and not the others, leaving me to vendor manually the other stuff.

    This way the savedvariables file will fill up with something like

    item 1 = stack 1 item of X = unknown
    item 2 = stack 2 items of X = general
    item 3 = stack 3 items of X = random reason 1
    item 4 = stack 4 items of X = Enchantmats
    item 74 = stack 74 items of X = Vendor
    item 200 = stack 200 items of X = General
    item 500 = stack 500 items of X = General
    item 999 = stack 999 items of X = General

    and so on... where X is the same item, stacked in different amounts.

    this is especially annoying for items that stack to HUGE numbers, like
    that one stacks to 999 and Beancounter will store 999 item stack reason variants for such items instead of a single per-item reason
  • p.s.
    according to Wowhead, looking at items that can stack above (or to) 200 items per stack there are currently 1744 items that can stack to 200+ and are not soulbound / account bound;2:2:2;200:0:0

    200 * 1744= 348800 possible item/stack size variants recorded by Beancounter

    of these, there are 67 item IDs currently in game that stack above (or to) 500 items per stack and are not soulbound/account bound;2:2:2;500:0:0

    500 * 67 = 33500 possible item/stack size variants recorded by Beancounter

    and looking at items that can stack above (or to) 900 items per stack and are not soulbound / account-bound, we have 54 items in this category:;2:2:2;900:0:0

    900 * 54 = 48600 possible item/stack size variants recorded by Beancounter

    looking at smaller stack sizes, there are 9544 items that can stack to 20+ items and are not soulbound/account bound;2:2:2;20:0:0

    9544 * 20 = 190880 possible item/stack size variants recorded by Beancounter

    This is just a sampling of values out of the wowhead database, if you would reduce these to a single record in beancounter it would be a nice way to start optimizing the beancounter + automagic behaviour.

    PLEASE, don't treat different size stacks as different items with different purchase reasons and for stacks >1 divide the acquisition price to the stack size and record only the base item, not the stack size.

    a good way to annoy an Auctioneer user would be to list for sale a wall of items in such increasing stack sizes... it will fill up their Beancounter database memory if they buy those.
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