Foxflower Translation esMX
  • Hi, I'm using the addon for the client in esMX, but when I find the node for foxflower it doesn't add to my map, Searching through the addon and google, I've found that this addon is using the esES translation for the item.

    esES (Flor de raposa)
    esMX (Vulpinia).

    I've tried to change the translation in this page But i couldn't find this particular item.

    Thank's in advance for the help you cand provide.
  • Those localizations usually come from wowhead, not our localizers. If you give me the translations for MX I will add them manually.
  • I have the same problem on the client ptBR with foxflower, starlight rose, dreamleaf, and all the plants of Draenor.
    I hope that can be fixed.
    Thanks guys!
  • It can be fixed, but only if you provide the translations.
  • Here we go.

    Draenor plants (enUS to ptBR):

    Fireweed > Ervígnea
    Frostweed > Erválgida
    Gorgrond Flytrap > Papa-mosca de Gorgrond
    Nagrand Arrowbloom > Ponta-de-seta de Nagrand
    Starflower > Florestrela
    Talador Orchid > Orquídea de Talador
    Withered Herb > Planta Murcha

    Legion plants (enUS to ptBR):

    Dreamleaf > Folha-de-sonho
    Foxflower > Flor-de-raposa
    Starlight Rose > Rosa-da-luz-estelar

    Thanks for fixing!! :)
  • This has been updated in SVN, and will be in the next release.
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