Soulbound items appearing in Appraiser window as if to sell
  • I'll admit to only seeing it on one alt, because that's my bank alt. L106 Rogue, I have my WoD crafted max-crafting-upgrade daggers still in my bag. When I open the AH and choose the Appraiser tab, they are in the list as Bind on Equip (which they are), but since I equipped them and they're soulbound, they should not show up. I thought maybe it was because the tooltip was different, having read that in some other threads. But I have a soulbound max-crafting-upgraded ring, and it correctly does not show up in the appraiser tab, and I pulled another soulbound transmogged item into my bag, and it correctly does not show up in the appraiser tab. If you'd like a screen shot, let me know.
  • Yes, a screenshot of the tooltip would help. We need to see where the 'Soulbound' line is.
  • Thanks!

    The Soulbound line is on line 8, which means we need to extend the tooltip scanning code again...

    Are you using 'colorblind' mode? I think that's where the 'Epic' line comes from.
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