Odd misbehavior on ScanFinish
  • I have the Scanfinish config set to make a noise and an emote, so I can notice when it's finished even when I'm tabbed out. It hasn't been doing so since the release for Legion. However, in the process of testing things for the other item I just posted (soulbind items showing up in appraiser tab), I did another scan (without having sold anything, and within 5 minutes) and this time the ScanFinish sound and emote fired off. o.O
  • There should be some chat output after each scan - check to see if the scan was incomplete, or of there are any other warnings.
  • I haven't noticed any errors or other problems. It's difficult to see chat output at times, if there's a lot of activity in trade or general or local or whatever. I've tried putting addon output to other windows, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do that.
  • I've taken a while to reply at least partially because I've been leaving the toon to wait after it looks like it's complete, to see if something's delayed. But I have no errors; there is no 'estimated time left', and the bars at the top of the AH UI that continue updating after the estimated time left goes away, I presume doing some further processing after the info is gathered, have gone away. Previously, I'd get my emote / sound after that, tho I haven't actually paid attention to whether there was chat output before this. However, the scan seems finished, as far as I can tell, but there's no chat output, and even waiting 15 minutes, there's no end emote/sound. Is there somewhere else I should look for errors?

    ETA: I ran the scan again just now, twice in quick succession. The second time I got my emote/sound, but I still don't get any output in trade chat. I am clicking the SCAN button on the Browse Auctions tab. I do get some output when I do a search where I put something in the search bar, tho I frequently don't get it until I'm done and close the AH panel.
  • It does sound like you are getting incomplete scans, which won't trigger the end of scan sound. Especially since you had it work for the second scan in a session - often scans after the first go more smoothly.

    You may have turned off the chat output options - they are in the Scanner tab in Auctioneer's Config.
  • I'm clearly not looking in the right place. There are no chat output options in the scanner tab. http://imgur.com/b7gC96F
  • Sorry, I meant the Post Scan Summary options. You do have two of them turned on, so you should be getting output in chat after any scan - except single item scans.
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