Swatter buttons don't work - don't know where to report this
  • Just logged in after 7.1 patch. Swatter shows up in my screen with an error (quel surprise) but none of the buttons react to a button press. I can click on other things in the game world, but the only thing that dismisses the swatter window is an escape (which dismisses everything, I believe).

    If I hover over Slidebar and click the swatter button there, then clicking on the 'Close' button highlights the contents, as if I had pressed control-a; clicking it again deselects, and then nothing happens.
  • use BugSack if the Swatter is misbehaving.. it doesn't report as much info (misses an addon list) but you can at least use the page buttons to cycle through errors.

  • It's actually caused by the scrollframe, which is interactable outside the viewport and is blocking mouse clicks.

    As a quick solution, scroll the error message all the way down, and the buttons should become active again.
  • .... There is no scrollbar.
  • I hadn't noticed this :( - I usually use mouse scroll.

    Looks like frame:SetClipsChildren(true) is the wrong way to go after all, but I don't see a better solution at the moment.
    Looking through the Blizzard code, they don't use SetClipsChildren at all, and they only use the xml equivalent "clipChildren" attribute in a very few places. The only difference I can see is that Blizzard do all their ScrollFrames in xml, while Swatter creates it in lua. Come to think of it, our Configator ScrollFrames seem to work, and they are defined in xml.
  • There *used* to be a scrollbar. I don't have a scrollwheel on my mouse - I use a Logitech trackball; I never got the software for it to work on Linux, and since the 'scrollwheel' is the *only* thing that doesn't Just Work, I never bothered with it.
  • If you go over the button and wiggle around, there's a small spot where you can click on the button-- usually the bottom right corner.
  • Think I've found a better solution, now in the developer svn for anyone who wants to try it.
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