Auctioneer Out Of Date
  • My Auctioneer addon is saying it is out of date. I used wowmatrix to update all my mods and it says everything is up to date but when I launch wow it tells me that Auctioneer is out of date. If I try launching it anyways, I get so many errors it makes the game hard to play. (My boyfriend also updates his mods through wowmatrix and his is working just fine - same version and everything)
  • Auctioneer is not published on wowmatrix (as far as i know)... it's on Curse and on

    (use for the latest version)
  • we don't update or support wowmatrix, so you're on your own there. Frankly, they take and redistribute our addons without any sort of recognition or compensation to us. They used to steal bandwidth to do it, but afaik they stopped that at least. Anyway, that's all I have to say about that.

    the latest version (with the 7.1 TOCs) is in beta at the moment. You can always find the most recent version here, at the link ATom provided above.

    New versions also eventually make their way to Curse and WoWI. I've been posting betas there recently as well.
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