How do i erase scan data?
  • I want to clear all Auctioneer data but keep the settings. I just want to start over with new scan data. How would I do that?
  • In \World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\[Account]\SavedVariables delete the files starting with Auc-Stat-*.lua Only the Stat files, no other Auc files.
    I think that should do what you want.
    (Best policy is to back them up until you are sure you got the results you wanted.)
  • "/auc clearscan server" will clear all the scan data.
    "/auc cleardata server" will clear all the statistics data too.
    Please correct me if I'me wrong, since that is what I normally do :)
  • painstorm - I tried that before I posted here. When I hover over something it still shows in the tooltip all the summary Auctioneer data. I want it to start all over. No data at all so it gets a better read since so many things have changed in price drastically with the new expansion and because I've not cleared it EVER.
  • @Kinesia - yep I always backup everything. It's good practice. Also, that worked and did exactly like I wanted it to. I have been playing since the game is out and have used Auctioneer since it was available. never cleared the data ever and in the mean time so many things have changed since. I just wanted to start all over. I will keep the other files for awhile yet but thank you for the info.
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