GetAll Scan Hangs
  • Since the latest update it seems like my GetAll scans are broken. They will sit for ages and never complete. Instead the title bar actually reads 'scanning retries' for 5+ minutes and never progresses. When I cancel the scan, it seems to have done something, but it was not getting stuck like this before the latest update. Thanks.

    EDIT: Attaching pic:
  • update... today I was finally able to get past this stage. not sure why every other day it would hang, but thankful it finished finally!
  • I have it happen a lot too. The main thing that's gotten worse since the patch though is hanging while using the AH but _not_ doing GetAll, just trying to buy something or using one of the Searchers. It's almost unusable.
  • This seems to depend on the server, and I don't have one like this to test - my worst test server will finish, but with an "incomplete" scan (large numbers of "unresolved" auctions).

    Try changing some Config>Scanner options.

    Turn the "seller names" one OFF - this setting really slows down scanning

    Try turning the Time-to-live(TTL) setting down - doing this will cause the scanner to spend less time retrying entres, but will probably lead to more unresolved entries

    Also try turning the Scanner Throttle setting down, if you have turned it up in the past.
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