Enchanting data off
  • In the enchanting prof screen if I mouse over an enchant in the right pane the extra tooltip gives the wrong ingredients for the enchant.
    For example under Shields and Off-Hands I have Greater Intellect. It uses 12 Infinite Dust but the Enchantrix tooltip has it using 3 Lesser Eternal Essence.
    Is this just that the recipes were changed recently and the mod hasn't had it's recipe data updated? If so is there any way I can help update them?
  • Enchantrix get the list of ingredients from the game itself - Enx doesn't have it's own list. So yes, it sounds like something is off, but I'm not sure where...
  • I think the problem may then be it is getting the data for a similarly named enchant for a different slot.
    For instance Major Versatility for bracers should be 4 Infinite Dust and 2 Greater Cosmic but is shown as 2 Large Brilliant Shard and 4 Greater Eternal Essence, which are the ingredients for Major Versatility on 2 handed melee weapons.
  • I think I found the problem. In EnxTooltip.lua in the function enchantTooltip line 606 I removed the if statement looking for tradeIndex and just had it getReagentsFromTooltip every time and the problem went away. Looks like something is going wrong there, maybe the wrong tradeindex due to the multiple identical names for enchants.
  • However the extra tooltip doesn't show up at all for the weapon enchants Heartsong or Hurricane. I think that may be because GetLinkFromName can't handle reagents not in Enchantrix.Constants.StaticPrices like Volatile Life and Volatile Air.
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