So I made a transmog searcher
  • So I made a searcher module to look for cheap items with transmog appearances you don't yet know. It's up on curse called auc-searcher-transmogs.
    I had seen the auc-cheap-searcher someone had made but felt it wasn't focused or deep enough.

    So just an option out there for anyone that's interested.
  • Thanks, I'll have a look!
  • I tried to keep the style similar to your modules in case you guys wanted it, but it requiring Can I Mog It may be a problem for that.
  • (auc-cheap-searcher author here)

    initially (~year 2013-2014) i designed auc-cheap-searcher to be a modification of the vendor module that in addition to the regular vendor search allows scanning for items posted juuuuust above vendor price... practically it is a scavenger mode of the vendor module.

    At first i was poking and modifying the vendor module directly on my Auctioneer install but i grew tired of having to re-apply the changes each time that Auctioneer was updated by Curse Client and thus auc-cheap-searcher was born, designed to survive across Auctioneer updates.

    it started in this thread:

    Cheapo still functions as originally designed when you disable the transmog search mode and the transmog search mode is just an an additional search filter that is applied only to the items priced at above sell-to-vendor price (items at below-vendor prices still follow the normal Vendor-search rules).

    i didn't intend to dig deeper into the transmog selections because it's basically only an opportunistic random missing transmog search filter... i think that if someone REALLY wants a particular transmog item then they search for it directly.

    If you're going to dig into refining the transmog searches then please consider adding an inventory slot filter selector (head/chest/hands/ and so on) to your addon.

    i was considering adding such a slot filter to help with achievements such as Fabulous ( ) in Cheapo but i don't really see the point of one when just looking for cheap random missing transmogs.
  • A slot filter is definitely something I was planning to add.
    I also consider this more for finding cheap transmogs to fill in/ to be completionist. I would like to make something akin to the snatch searcher but for appearances but that looks to be quite a bit more work.
  • also.. i tried to keep a minimalistic search filter interface in Cheapo so that most of its settings remain "above the fold" when in use (the important bits at least) and accessible directly without having to expand or scroll the options pane when running different searches.

    There are a few more tweaks to this that i'm thinking of (shortening or moving some text labels so that more controls fit in the upper space) but they are only cosmetic and not critical to the addon function at the moment ... they can wait a bit.

  • Well the general options are above the fold and all the rest are about as compact as I can get. If I add the slot options it will definitely take me into scrolling territory. Not sure why you mentioned this here.
  • Hi futrtrubl (that's hard to type right!), I've added CanIMogIt and your Searcher, but your searcher does not appear in the SearchUI for me.
  • @Kinesia.. it loads for me.. it adds a "Transmogs" searcher... look above the Vendor searcher in the searcher module lists.. Auctioneer appears to sort these alphabetically.

    @futrtrubl - imho at least the Bid/Buy checkboxes should be at the top where most of the other Auctioneer modules have them because these two checkboxes are some of the most used settings - having to flip open the full configuration panel just for those is awkward. Also.. consider keeping only one set of these checkboxes (there are 3 sets now) and use that set for all price valuation methods.
  • Hey Kinesia, remember that it requires Can I Mog It to check if the appearance is unknown so if that is not installed and enabled it should not load like the disenchant searcher won't load without Enchantrix. I wanted it to be dependancyless but from what I could see online the transmog system is screwy enough that I didn't want to have to try manage it.

    A_Tom that is a good idea, I had those in each section before I put in the Enabled check box, redundant there now.
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