Auctioneer doesn't seem to be loading at all...
  • I'm having a chat here with Brassbolt Mechawrench, Steam-Powered Auctioneer, and none of the features of my beloved Auctioneer seem to be loading... I have the standard AH frame with the standard tabs and buttons, but the Appraiser tab is missing, and the format is standard Blizz style. I uninstalled the addon through Curse Client, then started the game and checked for functionality before re-installing it using the Client - still no Auctioneer. Could it be Shenanigans?
  • When you check what addons are loaded in the settings does it have Auctioneer selected? Is there any error or requirement? Often people don't have Stubby loaded and this causes problems.
  • Bean Counter, Informant and Stubby are selected, and there are no dependency conflicts.

    I'm going to have to dig deeper; it works perfectly on every other alt. The only thing I can figure is that when I enabled the updated Carbonite addon recently, it broke my auto-tracking of quests (I only used it on the one toon for a day, then uninstalled it and had to poke around until I found what it buggered up.) Perhaps it flipped a Blizz switch that Auctioneer assumes is on.

    Thank you for your prompt response; I'll see what I can figure out, and I'll be sure to post my findings.
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