Selecting multiple items with Ctrl and/or Shift
  • It it possible (or would it be) to be able to select many items in the Browse tab by using Ctrl (to select multiples items one after the other while holding Ctrl) or Shift (to select all items between two clicks while holding shift)? I know that some other addons allow this but I don't want to use them, Auctioneer has been my way of doing things for years!

    I know that Blizzard requests 1 click per buyout but it would still save a lot of time to buy all these stacks of 1 item.
    I don't know how many miles my mouse have travelled only because of this situation...

    It could work this way:

    - You select the different items (on the same page) by using Ctrl or Shift.
    - You click the "Buyout" button.
    - A window appears showing you the item list, their prices and a confirmation button
    - You would click X number of times on that button for every items in the list.
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